Anyone had any experience of Beelivery?

I’ve been struggling to get groceries delivered to my parents in S Wales. The only supermarkets which deliver to them have no delivery slots available, and they are both in their eighties with minor health issues.

I’ve come across a company called They seem to be a sort of Uber for groceries. You place an order, and they send it to a driver who goes shopping for you.

I just wondered if anyone here had any experience with them.


are there any help groups in the area to shop for them ?

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Are they registered with Sainsbury’s? They have just added elderly/vulnerable/disabled delivery priority as of yesterday so you can book a delivery slot, everyone else is collect only for now.

Edit: If they haven’t been auto picked up as elderly, then don’t bother with 0800 328 1700 which has a couple million trying the same thing atm, call 0800 63 62 62 instead.


I’ve been doing the online shopping from Sainsbury’s till now, and have been ringing that number for 2 days. Thanks for the alternative, I’ll try it now. :+1:

I haven’t found any yet, but I’ll keep looking. I’ll be ringing Age Cymru tomorrow. They had a cleaner that was doing bits and bobs for them, but she’s gone into self isolation now.

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It’s the same system but bypasses the 90 second recorded message / threshold limiting. You press 2 when it connects (1 is nectar) and you’re into the “Hello thanks for calling Sainsbury’s choose three options menu”. Either 1,2,3 will get you through, but you may need to wait 20mins in a queue, and a couple attempts.

You shouldn’t need it with the other number but I can recommend this on :android: in future. Helps do the redialing for you.


Might be worth trying to contact the local council. They may be running a volunteer group, or be able to put your parents in contact with a volunteer group, that can help out with doing their shopping for them.


Morrisons are delivering food boxes by DPD.


Thanks. They aren’t in a Morrison’s delivery area, but I’ll look into this.

You win the prize!!

It took three goes, and a 25 minute wait, but got there in the end. I pressed 3 to amend an order, thinking that they’d have to answer that eventually. :pray:


Don’t know if you’ve tried today but seeing slots now. This was via the website rather than app.


They said yesterday to check back after 24 hours, and I found spots for today and tomorrow, but nothing after that. I’ve booked a delivery for tomorrow.

Thanks again for your help :pray:


No worries glad it worked out. :+1:

Yeah I think they secretly booked out the next couple months of slots, weeks leading up to Monday and told the public "sorry lots of people have booked them out :man_shrugging: " When in reality they have been held back, and are being released in two day batches to those vulnerable/elderly/disabled customers starting this week.

I’m going to check if Saturday appears tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

You’ll see a lot of people who have spotted this on twitter as the next day in April appears fully booked as it rolls over 00:00 so it’s bullshit that all time slots are being booked in a thousandth of a second.

Ocado was more honest and said right nobody can book anything whilst we update our system. Sainsbury’s is giving false hope to those that stay up late at night, and they should really be refunding those delivery passes.

Whats also interesting is that there are still slots available for tomorrow, so are they even giving the non (vulnerable/elderly/disabled) a chance to book at any point today, or is it now no longer possible to get a delivery for them. If so they really should be refunding delivery passes to them if they cant use them.


Saturday is available for me now in the app.

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Sames. I wonder if it rolled over at 4pm, 4:30pm ?

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I think they might be rolling it out gradually, because I’m seeing Sunday slots now

One thing I’ve just noticed is that if you have booked a slot, this week then you can’t book another slot or even see them listed.

It’s fair enough but it’s not obvious when you login as they have got mixed messages. I don’t know if you still see this but we see the we’re sorry message, even though we now are identified.

We’re really sorry, but we haven’t been able to identify you as one of our most vulnerable customers based on the information we have. We’re now working with the government to identify those who are most in need.

If you’ve already been identified as vulnerable and booked your slot this week, don’t worry – you’ll still be prioritised for home delivery going forward. But you won’t be able to access slots again until we’re back in touch next week.

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I do wonder why they don’t do all day slots, if your stuck in all day working from home or self isolating what difference does the arrival time make. I suspect it would also allow for more optimal routes

Tesco offer flexi slots. They let you know on the day when they are coming. They haven’t got any in my area, though.

I saw the first one and panicked. It was a few minutes before I read the second one.