Living with a Mental Health Problem

Similar at my closest Waitrose about an hour ago. Well stocked. Pasta, rice, long life milk and toilet roll all available. Stock levels are slowly returning back to normal.


Same at Sainsbury’s this morning. Letting NHS workers in at 7.49 then the elderly at 8am.

Shelves pretty good all around. Still weird though, eh? :flushed:

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Got paranoid schizophrenia and anxiety here so know your feelings.
No family members to help you?

nope because my mum is ill with other heath problems i gotta keep away

@gavin29 I’m really sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting groceries at the moment - online stores are really swamped although I can also say in my experience, shops are calming down (especially in the afternoon) and people are following social distancing advice when queueing and paying for things etc There are already some fab suggestions here which are worth considering

I just wanted to link you to a couple of other pages which might be useful (including links to services which could support you could access)

All the best, stay safe and good luck Gavin


If your having mental health issues you must speak to a professional. Trust me I’ve been in the same boat and probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for mental health professionals

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i have but the fact is its all these idiots panic buying and not leaving anything for the old and disabled

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Honestly, the shops are much better today. You’ll find almost everything you need and the shelves are a lot fuller than they have been.

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well ive been out and the supermarkets are still bad i cant get a delivery and i cant click and collect cause i dont have a car

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The shops are back to normal-ish.

The issue is now for those that are vulnerable/disabled/elderly in getting delivery slots that can’t physically make it to the shops or are risking life stepping outside.

Try and call that alternative Sainsbury’s number I gave out, you’ll be through pretty quick. You’ll be asked why you should be classed as vulnerable. Once added you’ll get access to next day delivery slots. Sainsbury’s secretly pretended it’s booked out to April which isn’t true.

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You went out yesterday?

I got emails overnight from Asda and Sainsburys saying they’ve introduced lots of measures, queuing system etc. Morrisons doing the same. It’s not great but it’s a lot better than last week when it was chaos.

Hope you manage to get something sorted.

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