Sainsbury’s card declines

Both yesterday and today my card has been declined in Sainsbury’s, I tried twice on both occasions all with using pin rather than contactless.

Monzo have said they haven’t declined it and no declines are coming up on my app but Sainsbury’s weren’t having trouble with anyone else’s cards.

My card worked in boots earlier so I know it’s just isolated to Sainsbury’s. Has anyone else had this issue?

Declined, or would not let you use contactless.

Did you try via PIN?

Declined, as I said in my post I used pin

If it had happened once I could have put it down to a glitch at either Sainsbury’s or Monzo but it’s been 2 days in a row in the same store however seems isolated to my card as other people’s cards were going through fine

It looks like a problem with the Sainsbury’s terminal. The fact that you don’t see anything in all means they haven’t even tried to take a payment from Monzo.

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Has it worked anywhere else since Sainsbury’s? It might have become faulty between Boots and Sainsbury’s.

Even if you only suspect a fault, it might be worth ordering a new card.

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Doh! You did. Apologies.

Definitely strange as I used mine in two different branches yesterday, no problem.

A strange one. Hope you find out the answer soon.

Did you get a declined notification in the app? :blush:


That means the transaction isn’t even getting as far as Monzo

I’d order a new card if I was you, see if thats the problem

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I’ve used mine multiple times in Sainsbury’s both yesterday and today without any trouble. Every time has been Apple Pay rather than the card itself.

Can you try as a mobile payment rather than with card? I’d imagine its the card itself maybe having a fault.

Ive used it multiple times today and yesterday with no issue, tried Sainsbury’s again today and declined again. I don’t believe my card is faulty as I’m using it all over the place fine but for some reason I always get declined in Sainsbury’s

I had a card that worked everywhere apart from my local Spar shop about 80% of the time. No idea what happened but it was just at 1 shop

Replaced and no problems since

This has happened to me twice in the past week at 2 different Sainsbury’s stores when I tried to pay with my card but payment was accepted when I paid with Monzo via ApplePay. I had no message in the app when payment was declined so I think it may be a problem at Sainsbury’s with Monzo cards.

I do too Corrine, my card declines in every Sainsbury’s but nowhere else

I have also had this problem in the last week. 2 transactions over £30 so required card and pin, in two different Sainsbury’s stores, and both declined despite sufficient funds. No notification in Monzo app. Using the card via Apple Pay or contactless with card has been fine. I’ve ordered a new card to see if that makes a difference. Not sure otherwise. :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s still happening to me, only ever in Sainsbury’s

You can use apple/Google pay for any amount in many stores.

Huh I did not know that. Assumed the same as contactless. Thanks!

Weirdly it’s only my joint account card that has this issue. My personal account card works fine. That’s how I paid both times this happened. Declined joint account card but accepted personal account card. So not all monzo cards? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Me also with Joint card in Sainsbury’s but not my personal account.

I contacted monzo support who said there was an issue with Sainsbury’s at that specific moment but it seems unlikely as I was able to use my personal card