Help, please

Hi,so my purse was stollen last weekend and I automatically froze my card.
I’ve ordered a new card which should have been delivered today but I’ve just got home from work,and no bank card.
Are they usually late being sent?
Still no purse and the police where no help at all.
Trying not to panic about the fact I’m seriously low on cash and no way to take any out.
Any help is appreciated.

The date given is an estimate. With covid and all it can sometimes take a couple of days longer

Hopefully it’ll turn up on Monday :crossed_fingers:


I’m hoping that’s the case. Feeling a bit lost at the moment.


I can imagine.

Do you have a friend or someone that work with that you can borrow money from, or a credit card you could use until your card comes?

If it’s not there on Monday contact Monzo and order another, just in case it’s got lost in the post

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I’ve a friend I can borrow Money from,it’s more the fact someone would be horrible enough to steal my purse.


I feel you Some people in the world are cruel. Sorry this happened

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We’ve both had replacement joint account cards (due to expiry) in the last month and both have arrived almost a week after the estimated arrival date.

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Sorry you’ve had your purse stolen by the way. There are some horrible people in the world. The fact that you feel it so keenly means that you’re not one of them. Take heart from that. Hope you get sorted soon.


What a lovely thing to say. Nice one Chris. R-

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Almost a week late, that’s a bit of a disaster. Nothing has been going right for me the past week. 🤦
Thank you for the support though. It’s greatly appreciated.

Hopefully yours won’t take so long. Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s post. Good luck.

Hope the police catches that scumbag who stole your purse

In terms of a card it would hopefully turn up for you tomorrow

I was going to suggest to pay with your phone, but as soon as your card is frozen, Apple/Google Pay gets stopped

Update. Still no bank card and my phone doesn’t support Google pay,so I’m pretty screwed at this point. So angry right now.

Have you spoken to support? It really should have arrived by now.

I mail things with Royal Mail for work and to have to say everything in the last two months has arrived next day (and this is several hundred things) so I’m not totally convinced the delay is with them. It could have been lost or sent to the wrong address?

All they’ve done is disconnect the call. Absolutely no help at all.

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Use the chat function.

Help and search for “contact”

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terrible tbh but as Revels says, you’ll be better off using the hidden chat function for a response

Where do I find that?

As revels says, go to the ‘help’ tab, search ‘contact’ and you’ll see the option

Disconnected as in didn’t answer and call for terminated or hung up on whilst speaking to them :thinking:

Was only other week that we had this post, not doubting what you’ve witnessed by the way :ok_hand: