Chat wait times

I’ve been waiting over half an hour for a response (I was asked to provide some information). There’s no way for me to get through to someone else as exiting and going back just brings me to the same chat. I’ve seen from other posts on here I could be stuck for a long time. It’s not really good enough, I used to bank with First Direct who were excellent.

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Unfortunately it isn’t a live chat service. So waiting for responses is fairly commonplace.

You’ll get a notification when someone replies, so feel free to navigate away and continue with your night.

If it’s urgent, there’s a number on the back of your card you can call.

It should also tell you an expected response time :slight_smile:

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The wait time says within one hour. But ive waited until the next day on a few occasions :frowning:

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If you’d stopped there your post would probably not have been flagged.


Waiting times for me are usually quite good in my opinion, usually within the hour and very helpful

I found in my recent contact the queue wait time was 8 hours, however I got a response much sooner, infact the issue I raised was resolved within 2 hours :slight_smile:

I just asked a simple question just now and it came up as wait time is 2 days for some one to get bk to me lol

I think chat is not running as intended at the moment. I don’t think the wait time will be as long as that.

Is the question something the community will know or is an answer available in the help section?


The last response I had in my current chat was 22 August. It’s been taking about 2 wks to have what should be a 30min conversation.

I really hope they improve soon. Maybe everyone booked the end of August on holiday and they have only a few people running it atm. :man_shrugging:

Didn’t you have 1 day as the wait time earlier today and you had a reply in minutes?

Was thinking of someone else who was using chat earlier :see_no_evil:

2 days!!!

Edit: okay, so 2 days was actually about 5 minutes :joy:


They’re working on a fix for the 2 day timing issue

Have they commented on the overall chat system yet? Surely they don’t think it is perfect at the moment.

What problems do you think there are? :thinking:

Off the top of my head over the last few weeks:

  • The estimated wait time is always wrong

  • How long it takes them is usually unacceptably long.

  • You talk to about 3 different people about the same issue.

  • Seems like they forget about you sometimes, “let me just check this for you” then they go missing and them 4 hours later you’ll have someone else saying “sorry for the delay!”

Sorry about this; there’s a display issue with the wait time right now and we’re working to fix it as soon as we can. Our COps are getting back to new conversations well within 10 minutes as I type this so please don’t let the wait time estimation put you off :+1: