Link ATM Card Declined

I know this has been discussed before and I have read through the previous threads, but my card was declined at a Notemachine ATM today. Did not prove on this occasion to cause any real problem as my barbers could take my Monzo card … but it could have become an issue elsewhere.
I remember reading that the ATM’s update their software to include the ‘new’ banks, so why has this not been done here?
To clarify; I initially tried withdrawing £30 (+ £1.75 fee) and it was declined
I then just asked for a balance, which was also declined.

Monzo are not part of the LINK network. Unless the machine specifically states that it is connected to the mastercard network (with the mastercard logo), then our debit cards won’t work.
In the majority of cases ATMs are connected to multiple networks, but there are a few that aren’t, such as Coventry Building Society which is also LINK only.


If you use the MasterCard ATM finder you’ll always get a cash machine that takes monzo -

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great thanks.
I had the LINK App … Doh!

I’ve had the same issue with a Curve card at a Lloyds machine and Monzo at a Barclays. A bit of a PIA tbh.

The software update is for machines that already accept Mastercards for withdrawal, but give a message saying, “Your bank may charge you for this withdrawal”. The purpose is to get rid of the message, but it won’t have any effect on which machines you can use your card in.


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