Monzo and Link

In the village I live in all the banks have closed and taken their ATM’s away. We still have a post office but Monzo is not accepted by them for cash withdrawal because it is Link

We also have one other ATM in the local store but that is Link as well

So my question is when will Monzo come to an arrangement with Link so we can use our cards to get cash

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At the moment it’s best to assume that they won’t. There hasn’t been even a hint of this being discussed.

Do neither of the machines support MasterCard?


I think I saw something on here saying they had no plans to support it

I thought MasterCard owned Link now. I’ve used my Monzo card in a link machine before so maybe it’s just certain machines that don’t accept it?

Machines normally support more than one network.

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Monzo mastercard doesn’t work with LINK ATMs? Surely thats not true?

If the link ATMs don’t also support MasterCard then it’s very true.


I think there was plans, it doesnt look like it happened.

My understanding is machines and other devices need to be updated every now and then with the latest bank info and people have had issues where shops or machines didn’t work because they didn’t know what monzo was.

Very true but for ATMs, that’s only the ones that are capable of contacting MasterCard (which is most of them).

I would have thought either all LINK ATMs work or none work… But i dont know how they work their network.

No, if a machine is Link only, it won’t work. If the ATM also supports MasterCard, then it will. You should be able to tell from the logos on the machine.


There’s no such thing as a Link ATM. There are a load of bank ATMs that are connected to the Link network just as there are a load connected to VISA and to MC. Most of the time, a bank supports all three networks.


TIL. Basically you get an ATM from someone, or run your own (?), not necessarily from LINK, and then pay LINK to use their network? Ill stop there and not hijack this thread :smiley:

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There are a few rare ATM’s that don’t support MasterCard. I think the Co-operative Bank ATM’s (the ones belonging to the Bank, not Co-op Food which don’t use Co-op Bank) don’t allow MasterCard and rely on LINK for MasterCard. Obviously, Monzo card’s don’t work for these as Monzo doesn’t support LINK.

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We don’t have any plans to support Link :disappointed_relieved: Most ATMs are connected directly to Visa/Mastercard so it doesn’t really make sense.

There are a few, as @Chapuys mentions, that don’t connect directly and I’m afraid these ones won’t work :disappointed: The best way to tell is to look for the Mastercard logo - if it is there, your card will work :+1:


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