Card refused by Link ATM

I tried to use my monzo card in a link atm and it was refused I tried twice just to be sure refused both times with a message along the lines of unrecognised card. Is this that link doesn’t accept monzo or just a glitch. I was using my monzo card to avoid the £1.99 charge but as it was declined had to use an alternative and accept the charge.

I’d recommend reaching out to Monzo via in-app Chat they can take a look into this for you :slight_smile:

Monzo cards don’t work at Link machines:


It is a diminishing number, but there are some LINK only ATMs i.e. not MasterCard

They will not support Monzo

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It wasn’t a huge issue just a bit of a pain at the time as it ended up costing me 2 quid. Many thanks though I will pop over there and ask.

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Many thanks that’s probably it it was a link atm in a small village shop so probably not caught up yet. I will try agai in 10 years haha.


Might be free of LINK by then. Maybe :wink:

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With any luck

You stole the solution mark and all the credit :sob:

I’ll get my coat… :frowning_face:


Sorry @Ordog team effort I think thanks to all.

I was only kidding :smiley:

Even though he just repeated what I quoted first :smirk: :wink:


Haha. Still credit where it’s due.

I did think it would just be down to link being shit and out dated but just wanted to be sure I wasn’t being a bit thick.

Yeah it’s nice that you get the message reinforced instead of just taking one persons word for it :slight_smile: so I’m appreciative that someone backed me up too.

Glad it’s all sorted and you didn’t need to go through the hassle of contacting customer support :sweat_smile:


Yeah. thanks again.

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Not my intention good sir; we were just typing at the same time

If it is cold comfort, this probably my first green tick