ATM cash machine withdrawal issues with Monzo Mastercard debit card


Just wanted to check if anyone else is having such problems. I’ve had issues with withdrawing cash using my Monzo Mastercard. It happened on multiple occasions, with different cash machines located in different towns, London, Cambridge, other places. All of those machines displaying the Mastercard logo. Some pics below. Never any problems with chip and pin transactions, though.

I contacted Monzo about that before and they replaced my card but the issues with cash withdrawal remained. I tried immediately after I received it and still no joy.

Also, where the Monzo Mastercard fails, my Visa Debit comes to the rescue, never any issue with it. So if I think I’ll need cash I always ensure I have both cards on me as the Monzo one cannot be trusted.

and just recently here and here.

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The first 2 have the link logo. I wonder if that’s the issue

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Highly likely. Here’s an earlier discussion on the topic for the OP to catch up on:

Someone else recently reported the same thing, which was apparently caused by multiple faulty cards. Eventually, a replacement card started to work OK…

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Did you check to see if you received a notification on monzo such as declined or account frozen.

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ATM didn’t ask for PIN just rejected card after inserting. Same happened with 3 new cards issued. 4th new card working fine.

Thanks for all the responses so far. As a result I’ve discovered in the app that I should have another card that has not yet been activated and found it. I’ll activate it today and see if it works any better.

Unless this information is difficult to find in the app, which might be the case, I don’t think anything got declined or frozen, I would’ve probably noticed in the last year. This issue has been going on for a while I just gave up on that.

Some interesting comments about multiple replacement card issued until eventually you get one that works. If this is really the case that you have to rely on lucky dip then not sure what to think about it. I’ll keep reordering until I get a good one but it doesn’t look good.

If it’s a link machine then, as far as I know, it won’t work because we aren’t connected to the link network.

I might be wrong though, it’s a long time since I’ve dealt with any ATM issues I’m afraid.

It looks like a Link machine that is also MasterCard badged so I’d expect that to work?

It’s obviously not my area of knowledge in any way though.

Yeah, I have no idea 🤷😂

The link machine near my house has got mastercard logo but monzo card does not work

@Dan5 is monzo thinking of joining the link network?

I’d be surprised if their thinking has changed since 2017:

ETA: Hrm, image isn’t showing in the quote, so here’s the important part in text:

It’s something we may look into but there are very few ATMs that are not connected to Mastercard. Also, Mastercard now own Link so I wouldn’t be surprised if something got sorted out anyway to connect the two networks.

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Good news, the card that according to the app was sent to me last November works. Third time lucky for me then. Thanks for your help!

I tried it with the Post Office cash machine shown in my first post. The machine displayed LINK logo. It spat out my old card but was happy with the new one.

This is an old picture showing the LINK logo on that cash machine’s enclosure but it was displayed on the screen too:

I’m just wondering how come shop terminals could read my old card but cash machines struggled?

Total guesses but the only things that come to mind are…

It could just be something about how those machines were handling the card that resulted in that particular card being unreadable due to manufacturing variances, or damage/flaws in the chip contacts that only affected those particular mechanisms.

I dunno if maybe “cash machine withdrawal” and “purchasing” are separate EMV applications (AIUI the chip on your card supports multiple ‘applications’ and the machine and chip negotiate the appropriate one to use) and if it is possible to have some kind of fault in a chip or it’s programming (perhaps only visible in tandem with how the card is physically handled in the mechanism) that renders one application unreliable (without it rendering the whole card unusable)?

Could also be some sort of whole-chip bug that rendered it wholly incompatible with particular readers?

Perhaps it’s naff software employed on these independent ATMs? Have you tried it in an ATM of one of the big banks?

I remember once I stuck my Mastercard credit card in to check the credit limit and it appeared as question marks on the screen.

No figures. If you opted to print it on a receipt, it would be blank or written as N/A.

Yet the same card used a bank ATM (like HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays etc) and no problems, displayed the available credit correctly.