Let us see the account details for faster payments again

On the latest Android beta, Monzo have removed the option of seeing the Bank account and sortcode of the person you sent money to, so if you had multiple bank accounts under one contact, you’ll no longer know which account of theirs you sent it to in the app.

This is the same for incoming transfers, you can’t see the details , and you can’t just tap the details to send money back.

Next time you send money to someone, you might notice that their details are missing when you tap on the transaction. We’ve removed them from Faster Payments so we’re not showing personal data unnecessarily.

Please vote for it to return.

Such a retrograde step. It’s a small thing, but I’m really disappointed.


I don’t get the reasoning of showing personal data unnecessarily either 🤷


I wouldn’t consider this data unnecessary, it removes the ability to pay a payee via a feed item, an incredibly useful feature, when you want to guarantee you are paying into the same account as before.

Plus, removing the details of the transaction means it has become effectively impossible to know who you paid (or who paid you). If it needs to require authentication then fine, have a button that says “Reveal” instead.


I really find it hard to understand why this has been removed. Is there some cohort of customers who find viewing useful data painful? What could possibly require this?

You’re navigating a banking application. Almost by definition, it includes personal and financial information. This makes the use of the Monzo application more difficult and less useful.

I know this is a small thing, but it feels like such a misstep given the other parts of the app that could do with improvement, you have to wonder how the decision was made in the first place.


I can only see two reasons for taking this step:

  1. Someone has just done some GDPR training and really taken it to heart, which has ended up with them over-applying the principles as a result.

  2. This is something that was flagged in the Financial Crime review for some reason, is the only other possibility I can think of.

If it’s the former, I hope Monzo roll back the change - as other replies have said already, this information is not ‘unnecessary’.

If it’s the latter, I hope Monzo put out an improved, clearer message explaining why the change has happened. (And if anyone cares to blow my theory out of the water by showing how other bank apps show this information, please do.)


I do wonder if the desire not to require users to authenticate before entering the app has led to this decision?

If so, this solution being tested seems to be the silliest of the options available. A banking app should be able to tell you the details of who you have paid :joy: it’s quite fundamental to the whole concept of banking.


Changed for the worse in my case.
What happens if someone accidentally sends you money and you’re courteous enough to send it back? That’s no longer possible unless you know who it is in the first place.


Bring it back please Monzo


Would also question the assertion that this is “unnecessary” showing of data. Are we also going to expect the hiding of payee’s bank details in the saved payees list?


It wouldn’t be so bad if Monzo’s payee management wasn’t so piss poor in the first place.

If the app saved all incoming payment details, and delineated different accounts under each payee, and then showed the name and bank of the payment in the feed instead of the details, that would be an improvement.


This is stupid.

There are no other words for it.

(That I can say on here)


Account details for faster payments is now a plus only feature :eyes:

Just a joke btw

Would like to understand the reasoning though, is this part of a bigger move or plan or something because its out of the blue and like others stated a massive step back unless theres a greater benefit down the line to this.


But you can still view the account details from the payments tab…or am I missing something here.

Careful. You may become the next Nostradamus :rofl:

Will that tell you which account you paid it into if that contact has multiple accounts merged?

Ok, I can see how that can make things awkward.

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Just adding my 2p here: this such a poor change, please revert this. I have a few savings accounts can no longer easily see which account I’ve sent money to from the feed. Even more non-nonsensical considering you can view all these details from the payments tab.

It’s a shame account management isn’t more fully featured as this might have been a less impactful change.


Don’t think it can be GDPR coz you can still see the sort code and account number on inwards faster payments. Unless that’s next to go.

Are you on Android? bear in mind it may only be on the beta app at the moment.

I would guess the details are cached if you are on the latest Android beta too.

I can no longer see inbound details.

Yup, inbound details are gone as well.

Quick look at the NatWest app these details are also missing so perhaps it’s something that has to be done to meet some regulations :thinking: