Bank details

Dear Monzo, I am huge fan of your brand, love the honesty in it and your UX is really easy to follow. If i could just ask for one thing, it would be great if getting my account details were as easy as tapping my card in the middle if the app or something similar. Time after time i forget where to get it and seems to take me a while to figure it out :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe the new UX has it updated so that it is even more obvious!

It would be nice to have it as a third option under the same button as the PIN and card number button on the new UI. I agree it isn’t quick or easy to find until you remember where it is.

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Thats amazing :hugs::clap:

There are a couple quick ways to find the info.

You can tap the ‘Add Money’ button bellow the picture of your card and select ‘bank transfer’ which will show you your account details. You can also tap your profile in the top right and scroll down a bit to see your details too.

I’m using the latest verion of the app on Android so it may be slightly different for you.

I normally write the account number and sort code on the back of the card with a marker, it’s the easiest way for me to find the details when needed especially when you have a few different accounts.

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