TestFlight Release Discussion

Could you post a screenshot of that? (Obscuring any private info of course). This release sounds like a consequential step backwards in usability for very little to no benefit in privacy.


It’s a terrible change, echo the want of a reason for this?

Me and my fiancee send money back and forth all the time, I often find myself using a recent payment in the feed rather than deal with horrible mess that is the payments section :frowning:

Fair enough to remove the actual account details, but could’ve left the send money to button


“Next time you send money to someone, you might notice that their details are missing when you tap on the transaction. We’ve removed them from Faster Payments so we’re not showing personal data unnecessarily.”

Well this is :poop: I now have no idea which account I sent money to :facepalm:


Please don’t make this change.

This makes the app harder to use and has practically zero benefit. If we’re in our BANKING application in the first place then it’s pretty much a given that sensitive information will be displayed!


Echo this and it was a great feature. When I moved from Lloyd’s it was brilliant to see the details in the transaction and in turn pay someone back without having to go through the payments screen.


Here are some before and after screenshots for context:




That’s a disastrous step backwards. The transaction panes already omit a lot of information as it is, that makes it hard to check and verify stuff. This makes it harder. I have 8 different accounts saved under 1 payee for myself which I move money between regularly. Now it will be harder to keep track, at a glance, inside Monzo.

I presume the details remain visible for payees on the payments tab? If so, where’s the benefit to this feature? That personal data is still visible in app without a second security step, and it’s not in essays unnecessary either, it’s actually very handy.


I like the post above use different accounts under one paye
And have also found problems before new confirmation of Payee.
So now I have had to change them to for example
Jow Blogs (Nationwide)
Jow Blogs (Halifax);

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Interesting work around. Does that not interfere with confirmation of payee?

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It’s seems to be working fine for me so far.


I get double points from Tesco for paying my shopping bill with my Tesco bank account card. So just have a float in Tescos and manually move money each time I shop.

Just last night I found the surfacing of payor details really useful, and when I first discovered it I thought it was a very ‘Monzo’ feature, displaying data hidden by other banks that could be useful to customers…

Yesterday I received an unexpected payment from a ‘garbage’ recipient: 3cbr10932948rf100 and there was no reference! It looked to me like it was a payment in error, that might need to be returned. I couldn’t recognise it in any way…

However, I took a look at the sort code of the sender, which looked unusual to me, googled it, and found that it was NS&I. I do have an account with them, which I then checked and found it was an interest payment :slight_smile:

A genuinely handy use, now removed. So I agree it would be nice to know what the rationale was :+1:t3:


Yes I had the same issue with a NS&I payment yesterday

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I agree, this is a step backwards. I hope Monzo reconsider this change


It’s information I already have so not sure why I can’t see it where it’s relevant? They’re not showing any info that I can’t already see in other parts of the app.

Baffling :thinking:

i must say about a two years ago i got a payment from a friend, after sending a request. when it was paid i the know his full name. (this may not change depending on bank) but also had his sort code and account number.
now for most people thats fine - but i don’t think it follows GDPR regs.

and some what gives private info away.
and if i was dodgy could do whatever with there details. very unlikely i know.

Now that you mention GDPR I assume that’s the reason why they have taken this out. Think most people have been assuming they already have people’s payee details but not all the time. The other party also hasn’t given consent to hand out the sort code and account number.

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Removing that info from an incoming payment for privacy reasons is understandable.

I don’t think it makes sense to remove that info from your own payment details screen on outbound transfers to people though, as you have already been given and input that data, so there cannot be a privacy concern there.


It’s undoubtedly privacy related, it’s the data minimisation principle from art 5 of the GDPR.


How do we vote against an idea? Just say no in the forums or is there a formal route?