Checking a monzo customer's bank details

I can see the bank account number and sort code of people I’ve sent/received money from/to. But when I’ve sent money to a monzo customer this doesn’t appear possible. Is it?

it’s never been possible to see their details and now monzo have removed the account details from none monzo accounts as well

I just updated the Monzo app on my Android device and I can still see the bank account details of people I’ve paid, and who’ve paid me, through my Monzo account. Are we talking about the same thing? I’m talking about the “linked account” section under the Send/Request buttons you get when you click on someone on the recent or all payments list.

I can as well, not sure where @shizzle is looking.

As mentioned it’s just other Monzo users details I can’t see. They just have the ‘M’ Monzo logo over their name.

It’s a bit odd. Perhaps Monzo are worried you’re going to get the Queen’s phone number, add it to your contacts, and then Monzo would sync her bank details to your account. Not sure how Monzo handles you having two contacts with the same name in that case. How would you know which one to pay, or who you had paid previously, or who had paid you? None of this is a problem when you enter people’s bank details yourself. Probably a bit of an edge case, but one which goes away if you can see their details.

There is an ideas thread you can vote on: