Let us see the account details for faster payments again

Version 3.45.0 is the version which removes these details - was a beta but is now slowly rolling out to everyone.

I’m on holiday (well, I’m not at work anyway :joy::sob:) until next week and I don’t know every last detail about the change but I’ve had a little ask, so I’ll see what light I can shed in the near-ish future :pray:

Totally understand the shock with the sudden removal of what, I agree, is a pretty handy feature :male_detective:

I’ve not used many banks but Monzo is the only one I know for certain had the ability to view this info - NatWest (my old bank of many years) has never shown me FPS counterparty details :speak_no_evil:


Thanks for the update.

Indeed Natwest do not show these details (but equally they do not allow grouping of payees). Even if the description field was present (from the payee screen) it would make this implementation simply… OK (even if less convenient).

Starling does (currently) show this information.

It would be interesting to hear what other banks currently do from anyone with more than 1 account.

Barclays don’t show any details on their android app.

Nor Santander in their app.

Had to contact family member for bank details again in order to send them a treat for their weekend away :man_facepalming:

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Interestingly the API still shows full counterparty details to developers (including phone number if they’re a Monzo user - although I suspect this is something to do with me having them as a contact).



Starling show these details. I thought that Nationwide did, but apparently not (in the app, at least). Dozens shows the details.

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Although interestingly I can see those details from my Nationwide account in Monzo - they show as the reference below the transaction under the connected account card.

So we’re in a silly position where Monzo is either giving richer functionality to non-Monzo accounts or they’ll end up hobbling the open banking functionality and therefore losing the fiver a month I pay for that.

Surely there’s just been a mistake somewhere and this’ll be fixed next week? :man_shrugging:

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I dont think it was a mistake and was done on purpose.

Wether it was well thought out is another thing. But then again ill await the answers as to why it was done or the intentions before grabbing the pitchfork

On a related note, I did notice today, that monzo to monzo payments already omit this “unnecessary information”. Would be helpful to see that I sent the payment to my friend’s Monzo account and not their NationWide one.

The release notes which were shared on the TestFlight thread suggest this is anything but a mistake. The intention of the update was to remove this data from the transaction pane. It’s probably too late to get this reverted before the release rolls over into the App Store too.


To me banking apps should have payer and payee details so you know who pays you and who you have set up to pay in the future that’s how you know you do the right thing I have multiple accounts if they were all named my name and no details shown should I be paying the right one I would forget which is which so details is vital and should be secure but the monzo app if you don’t use fingerprint ID or Face ID then you don’t have any passcode unlock which is too easy to access

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If you put a PIN or biometric lock on your phone then it’s no easier to access than any other app.

I do have a pin but the app never asks for a pin every other banking app asks to type a code or login

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It’s about time Monzo sorted out payee management now.


This is nothing to do with faster payments :confused:

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Not updating my android app unless this is reversed.

Really silly decision imo I have 4-5 accounts in my name (Nationwide, Marcus, ISA, Starling) and it’s now more annoying then it should be to send money between them all.

Why Monzo.


Unfortunately, I already updated, so stuck with the new rules now. Not impressed.


Any response from the team yet marcus @nexusmaniac ?

Still not back in work, will have a proper catch-up on Slack in the next couple of days :smile:


Just updated the app and so can now see this in effect. Clicked on a transfer I sent someone, and it is bizarre to not be able to actually see or check what bank account I sent money to.

I can’t get my head around the privacy aspect of it. On an inbound transfer, I get it to an extent, but on outbound transfers you already have that person’s account number and sort code, so how can it be a privacy concern?

Hopefully Marcus will be able to find out something about it from the team in the next few days.