Bank Transfers include account details

Hey, absolutely love the monzo app, definitely the best banking app I’ve used and they are always improving it with every update!

There is one feature however, that’s very small but I believe needs to be changed and I was just wondering if anyone else was thinking the same!

Once you have transferred money to someone before (via bank transfer not using their contact) the app saves their bank details.

However, when you click on it to send them money again it does not tell you what their account number and sort code is. This is particularly confusing as if you have sent money to someone via different bank accounts, it is difficult to distinguish which bank account you are sending money too.

Adding the account number and sort code to the screen when you click on a bank account would make it much less confusing, as at the moment i’m resulting to retyping in the bank details every time!


The transfer section does need a bit of an overhaul, but in the meantime there is a way of seeing the details before the transfer:

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Thank you! very helpful :grinning:

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