Payee account details ‘disappeared’?

All of my payees’ account details have disappeared from the payments page. This is a major flaw, as I have four other current accounts that I regularly transfer money in/out of. These are obviously all under my own name, so I now have four payees with the exact same name and have no clue which account I’ll be sending the money to.

Why has this changed?

Edit: this might actually be better off being in help/bugs. Move if necessary, apologies.

Hi, I’ve got my accounts under the exact same name and it’s still showing separately,

What app and version are you on?

I’m on iOS and have deleted and redownloaded the newest version just to be sure, but still they’re showing as four separate versions of (my name) but have no details under them to tell them apart.

I’ve been talking with Monzo chat about this, who also seem to think this is a bug but don’t know why. Very odd

Oh, I’m on Android.

Hope the team get it sorted for you.
But as a workaround in the meantime find an inbound transaction from the account you want to sent out to , and scroll down you should be able to click on the sort code/account number and send back to it.

On the TestFlight version the details disappeared for one build and came back in the next I think so hopefully it’s temporary.


Thanks, I’ll have a look at this! Wouldn’t be so confusing if I didn’t have so many accounts, but it’s just the way I do things unfortunately :joy:

Oh brill, fingers crossed then - they’re still looking into it.

Has this not happened with anyone else today then?

It wouldn’t surprise me if your Monzo app updated today which is why you’re noticing it today :blush: