Labs Feedback: Pots Goals 🍯 🎯

Introducing our newest Labs feature: Pots Goals :tada:


Pots Goals do exactly what you’d expect. Set up a savings goal when you make a new pot, and track your progress as you work towards it.

We’ll even send you a notification to celebrate when you meet your goal. Because saving is always worth celebrating! :raised_hands:

Known issues:

  • You can’t remove a goal from a pot.
    • This will be fixed in next week’s app updates!
  • The current Android app version doesn’t display a progress bar.
    • Next week’s app update will!

Give it a go and let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us make Pots Goals the best it can before we launch it to everyone!


Great idea :mondo: ! I can see myself and others I know using this a lot.

To expand the feature further it would be cool if you could set a date you had to reach the set amount by. It could then show you how many days you have left / how much you need to put aside each day to reach that value by said date :calendar:


I’ve enabled it in Labs and given one of my pots a goal. WHOO!

Do you think there should be an upper limit on the goal? I set mine to £55,555,555,555,555 so the progress bar is going nowhere!

Conversely, I then set a goal of 0.00. That can’t be a goal amount, surely!?

Can we have a textual representation of the %age progress as well? Not sure where!

I’ll keep testing!!


Time to get setting the new goals, reset to £0.00 and time to get saving :wink:


Incredible!! :hot_coral_heart::hot_coral_heart:

Somebody owes me some money and they’re paying it back in chunks - Until today I’ve had the pot (example names)

John Pot (£150)

So I could keep a note of how much was owed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But now I’ve got an amazing bar with a dynamic note underneath! :sunglasses:

John Pot (of £100)

Looks fab! Been waiting on this for a while :smile: Can’t wait to use it some more!!



Once the goal is reached the bar should turn green! :wink: Currently it just fills up and stays dark blue :joy:

Firework animations would also be accepted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Woohoo! Well done :monzo: time! Excited to see whats next out of it!

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Yes to the fireworks!


This! :100: :smiley:

Also I think that the iOS variant looks a tad nicer than Android :thinking:

Definitely missing the word goal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

image image

I think the Android card could do with a reshuffle, the iOS structure is more appealing (IMO) :innocent:

And I’d make the goal amount more ‘in your face’ as opposed to being on the small name line :slight_smile:


And a fanfare notification sound :dancer:

Yeah, I think more of the information should be overlayed in the pot image.


Sorry :joy: Me again!

Goal settings are missing from the Pot Creation (on Android) version 2.7.0 :wink:



I only found the goal setting after I created the pot and went into settings. Have you enabled the pots in Monzo labs.


Me? :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s enabled haha - already posted a few things about it above :wink:

But upon the creation of a Pot there’s no option to choose a goal amount, you need to go into the settings once the Pot has been created in order to set a goal - a process which should be doable from the initial Pot creation (IMO) :smiley:


Yeah it’s missing in goal creation on iOS too

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(This can all be done on Android version 2.7.0 - if you’re on the Beta version then you’re already set and ready! :wink:)

If you’re not on the Beta, get involved (optionally) haha, can sign up here :smiley:

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Runs and hides

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Love this feature. Could be improved with the percentage on the progress bar, that would make it perfect for me!


Bug report on latest iOS testflight (2.7.0)

I can add goals to existing or recently created pots, however I can’t add to new pots :frowning:

Loving all these pot improvements this week! When are we getting custom pot images though? :wink:

Would be nice if you could transfer money between pots too without clogging up your feed, e.g A generic roundup pot I might want to move to a holiday savings pot when I get to £10


Just enabled it in labs will see how it fairs always wanted a feature like this a nice % percentage showing would be great as well as let’s say push notification when you’ve hit or might reach the goal sooner than expected.


Just switched mine on would be great like others have put about having a % value or even the bar having a colour staring on red when going to Amber then green when you have reached your goal or some other variation I think a notification would be great when you have competed your goal or have for half way etc