Pots Goals are now out of Labs!

Hi everyone!

We’re now taking Pots Goals out of Labs and making them available for everyone! :tada:

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Thanks for all your feedback on this so far, and keep it coming!


In the original Labs feedback topic you state “Your feedback will help us make Pots Goals the best it can before we launch it to everyone!”, but I can’t see that any of the many comments/suggestions have been acted on? Can you confirm if any will, or was that whole “release it to Labs for us to trial” exercise pointless?


Agree with this completely! If being kept as is then there was no need to put this to lavs at all


I do echo these thoughts. It’s like doing an A/B test and then putting the winner in without looking at the results


I don’t have a problem with “testing” new features so to speak - Always happy to get them before the general public.

But like others have said, if Monzo say they’ll act on user feedback for things in labs, they should probably do so.

I seem to remember the same was said about summary (I think it was @anon72173902 who mentioned it at the time).

I’m happy with either, but the way Labs is described at the moment, isn’t accurate.


I don’t see why this was ever in Labs, not entirely sure what it has achieved. Could have just been launched for everyone from the day it was added to labs.

It’s a bit of a strange one.


Have to agree with the above - It does feel like labs is more of a sneak preview or early access area than a testing and iterating area.

With Summary at least some feedback was iterated on, even if it did launch from labs a bit too early.

With Goals it feels like the only testing element was to make sure nothing really scary happened when rolled out to a larger user base, as opposed to any feedback being taken on board before launch.


Completely agree with everything said above… the whole thing hasn’t changed one bit from the original lab’s launch…

You’ve had endless posts of feedback on it, not one member of staff replied with any updates and now here we find ourselves again with a basic release with none of the feedback taken into consideration or even acted upon…

I expected better with this from Monzo… I mean I love you but guys come on… this is getting more common…


It seems labs was just for A/B testing for this. It’s less functional than legacy banks which is a bit disappointing. Is there any indication that this will be improved upon?

It would be great if we got feedback updates for all the feedback threads (especially for stuff in labs) like the ones @cookywook gave a few times in the Joint Account feedback thread.


I think a summary of points Monzo have taken from the thread once or twice a week, depending on how active the thread is, would go a long way to make us all feel like we’re being heard.


When developing new features you can’t just release it to everyone because thats just risky and stupid - you typically release to a small subset of users who smoke test it in the real world and provide feedback like bugs or issues they are having and gradually roll it out to everyone. Thats what labs is for imo. I suspect behind the scenes the Monzo team are monitoring usage and possibly doing some A/B testing to help make some subtle changes to help the UI to make it easier to use.

For such a small feature I’m not sure how much could have really changed from a visual point based of user feedback tbh. It’s a simple change and it works well and solves a problem around saving towards a goal. This and many of the other comments don’t seem to helpful to be honest.

No offence meant in any way but as someone who designs products for another tech company, you can’t always please everyone and I’m sure Monzo have so many other great things up their sleeves which can provide more value that they want to focus their time on.


I was about to say exactly the same. Sometimes, you put something in a beta and the feedback is either contradictory, irrelevant or doesn’t reach enough of a critical mass to disprove your hypothesis. That’s when stuff should go to Production in a firm like Monzo. There is nothing on this thread about what, specifically, should be different…?

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I say a lot of things mate lol

Anyways like @HoddzDJ said I don’t get why this was in labs for I mean you set a figure and thats it. I used it once for the 1p challenge thing and it did what is was meant to so I dunno how else I could have tested it.

Shame other things such as Summary, pulse graph and now coin jar couldn’t have gone to labs and just stayed there till fixed.

That would have been nice but they all came out before Labs existed..

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Summary was in labs, I remember as I turned it on hated it then turned it off again.

Pulse was not though.


The Summary still needs work yes & the team’s acknowledged that it was released from Labs too soon but it was always going to roll out to all users no matter what.

For the vast majority, it’s a big improvement vs the old functionality. If it hasn’t fixed the issues that you had with what we had before then you’re no worse off anyway.


Really? My goal still shows as £100.0



I tested it, loved the idea and functionality and didn’t find any critical show stopping issues that should stop it going live, least nothing that wasn’t addressed. It’s a testing platform not a development platform. I’m sure the guys will take on board further development ideas for future iterations.

It’s silly things like this that should have been quick and easy to fix before bringing out of labs!



What’s with the .0 ? :man_facepalming:t2:

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