Pots - Goal Amount with a date - Progress Tracker


I love the pots but I feel the % complete for the goal amount could be better.

If I want to save £1200 for Christmas and I start in January, each month £100 going into that pot is easy to understand and manage. I know where I by a glance. And at the end of June, I’ve done 6 months, paid in £600 and I’m 50%. The numbers are easier to work out.

But I would like if there was a comparison tracker.

So if that pot is also my coin jar, when in June I have £666.66 it would have two bars along the bottom, one that says I should be 50% along by now and one that says I have 56% of my target.

OK, so you want a ‘behind/ahead’ of target displayed?

Yeah that makes sense, maybe not as two bars but will leave that for UI boffins to figure out.

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How about a tick on the progress bar (like the left to spend bar already in the app).

Sure. Like I say, will let the UI experts design it but definitely a feature I’d like to see added.


Like you say, I’m sure they could come up with a better way for it to look but something to show how I’m doing would be good.

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This sounds similar to the idea suggested here:


Thanks (as ever) @awjdean. Let’s continue the conversation over there - and if you’ve voted here, don’t forget to revote over there to keep everything in one place! :hot_coral_heart:

Pot Goals: Set a target date