Saving Pot Progress

I’m very new to Monzo - my card arrived in the post only yesterday but randomly looking at the app and the beautiful coral card is one of my favorite pastime’s already.

I’ve setup a couple of savings pots and was just thinking - it would be great if I could set a target/goal for that pot and see a little jar fill up the closer I get to that target?

Right now I’ve just put my target in the name of the pot but an ever-increasing percentage telling me how well I’m doing would be a nifty little addition.

Who’s with me?!



In the original Sneak Peek, it was mentioned that there would be goals for pots at some point -

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great idea. a nice pie chart would do the trick

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Definitely one that I would like. I was coming on to make the suggestion. The option to either set a savings goal or just have the pot open for general deposits

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I had the same thought. Set a target for individual pots with a timescale for achieving it and then see some sort of graphical progress against this target, graph or progress v time and projected completion etc. Would be great


Brilliant idea !!! Visual aids always a good incentive!