Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

Anyone else’s pots balance showing the pounds in bold and the pence normal font? It looks weird. The current account balance isn’t bold.

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Yep, please see my post here - Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

I dont like it, and to be honest when I scroll some Pots dont show the bold, and then when I scroll back they are!


I’m sure this is probably something that’s been mentioned before (I haven’t gone through the hundreds of posts here), but please, let us add custom images (or at least images from a repository of images sanctioned by monzo) to pots.

It’s odd that we’re getting incredibly cool features for pots like scheduled payments and spending goals, but not something that seems as obvious as custom images.


Anyone else having problems getting the progress bar to appear on pots in Android app? I tried an un-install and re-install of the app but still not there.

Loads of threads all over the place on this. That’s the only thing I really like about Starling’s app!

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It’s a known issue on the Android app at the moment :grinning::point_down:

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  • I have to smile… Next week (that long eh?!)… oh, high street banks have a lot to learn! :rofl:
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You’re right. Today one of my two pots is bold the other isn’t. This sounds like a bug now rather than a feature of having pounds in bold

I got it working in Android by enabling it in labs.

Locking pots looks exciting and mega useful!


I’d actually love a location lock… Only place I can unlock my pot is at the top of snowdonia based on my GPS, make it a bit of effort to spend the cash…

or to unlock one of my monzo friends has to give approval in their app! Stops the temptation of spending the cash !


Welcome to the world of IFTTT :slight_smile: Maybe a new action could be created for it :thinking:

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Cant wait for his (if they do bring it out).

It will be interesting to know how they will lock it. From the images it looks like you just have a reminder that is “remember you’re saving for a bill - unlock anyway? Y N”

Someone also mentioned that if you are locked out you can just move money from another pot to hit the locked goal and then unlock it.

Maybe a time lock? Pot locked for 1 month, and then repeat?

I don’t think they will activate the same unlock as the Gambling Lock as that would take up too much man power and its not as important as an addiction.


Well that was a surprise… I didn’t expect there to be a limit on the number of pots that could be created.

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Hi. Does anyone else find the restriction of only 10 Pots a problem?

I’m putting money aside for Mortgage, money for kids adhoc spend, kids activity clubs, holiday. I’d like a pot for saving for deposit on next car but I’ve reach my limit! :slightly_frowning_face:

Is anyone else in a similar boat.


Yeah, I had one for paying off my 0% credit card, which is no paid so have a free pot to play with but it is tight. The more I play with pots the more useful they become and the more of them I need.

Hi @Patch @DickyC @Rickynos merged these posts into the pots feedback thread to make sure it’s highlighted to :monzo: :smiley:


Not sure if mentioned before, but pot total , maybe opposite available balance, I shouldn’t need to do maths to work out how much I have in my posts by getting total and minus available.


I’d really like the option to transfer between pots directly. It would improve IFTTT functionality a lot :slight_smile:


The target for pots (the black progress line) doesn’t correspond to the amount that’s in the pot e.g. £30 of a £100 target should look like a third of the way along but it’s way out. When you press the account tab again they all change to their correct positions. Probably a bug

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