Savings goals attached to pots?

I think this would be a great idea, then somewhere we can see our goals and how much we need to save per month to reach the goal etc by a set date, a percentage as well.

I think it would be great when using pots for holidays, or car purchases etc.


Personally, think this is a great Idea.

Nationwide does this on their savings accounts and it really helps. It also shows you where your ahead of schedule to reach your goal.

Something similar with Monzo would be ideal.


Here’s the first look at Goals from the Made at Monzo newsletter :tada:


Initial thoughts that it would be useful to have some information as to the amount needed to reach the goal. For example it would be cool to have an ‘end date’ so then Monzo can work out ‘you need to save £80/month to reach your goal’ etc. We also need the ability to upload our own images! :eyes:


Here’s the info that they included along with that screenshot -

We know a lot of you use Pots to save for specific things. And when you do, you usually have a particular amount in mind too. So, to see how we might be able to help you set savings goals for pots, a few of us teamed during Monzo Time and created a very early prototype!

It lets you set an amount that you’re aiming for, and track your progress as you save towards that goal. When you’ve reached it, it sends you a cute notification to say congrats! We don’t have a date for releasing this feature yet, but keep an eye on Monzo Labs for updates. And in the meantime, let us know what you think on the forum!


Pots are getting there. I like the way in which you can now round up transactions to specific pots. What I would now like to see is a specified goal and progress bar.

Its been mentioned many times before, but I would like to customise images as backgrounds as well. It helps me to get emotionally invested in what I am saving for. Car, dinghy, whatever.


Sounds great; however, please reconsider the use of our own images as backgrounds. I managed to have up for a little boat a lot more easily when I looked at my Starling “pot” and could see an exact picture of it. I was emotionally and therefore, financially invested in saving for it.

Pots with goals and progress bar are coming to labs soon (this week? Next week?)

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Love this idea I was thinking same. Iv set a total but it would be nice to set a date for that limit.

In my case I have interest free purchase for 12 months so being able to set that deadline and know whether I’m on track would be great.

You can already do this both when you set up the pot and when you click on the settings on the pot.

Screenshot_20181205-234453~2 Screenshot_20181205-234448~2


You get a notification when you pass 25% / 50% and 75% iirc.

But yeah add a percentage to the UI I guess.

Changes are coming. Who knows what tho

+1 this idea!

I like that idea! Maybe a chart of time against how much is in so you can get a rough idea of growth in a particular pot

Yes - goals in pots are great - but I definitely want to have deadlines for the pots. This is so that I can save up for annual expenditure (e.g. car tax, insurance etc.) - I don’t always want to automatically transfer money to the pot (where I can work out the monthly payment between now and the deadline) but some more options around saving up for goals at specific dates would be nice.

Definitely a handy feature :slight_smile: