Pots Goals are now out of Labs!

Do you have any thoughts on this idea?

This sort of post is exactly what I wanted. Thanks @Jami.


Isn’t that what the “Search this topic” checkbox in the search bar is for?


No because user’s are being asked to report all feedback in one thread. If there were dedicated topics for each bug report (as I suggested), then the search would work (to the extent that people actually use it) & the CC could move duplicate posts into the existing topics.

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The problem here is with the users, not Monzo.

I’m not sure how you can get users to read past posts - This forum is becoming harder and harder to keep up to date with - I went away for 5 days last week, and missed 1000’s of posts.

The search functionality works well - Yet you still see new threads about the same topics (often, only 2 or 3 threads away from the last one!)

The coral crew do a good job of keeping it together, but the only thing I can think of is if Monzo came on once every couple of days with an update on certain things.

Then, whenever anyone posted a duplicate post because they hadn’t read the thousands of posts previously, someone could quote the latest Monzo response.

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Yeah that’s what I mean though. If everyone is posting bugs into the one topic (like this one), surely they can use the search box and tick “Search this topic” to see if what they’re about to post has already been discussed on this topic?

Of course, it relies on users actually utilising it but a solution is there…

Thank you we do try! :smiley:

It can be difficult deciding wether to merge or split a thread as topics on here can grow rapidly and go off topic quickly and we also don’t always know an existing topic already exists to merge to.


You’ll get the hang of it :wink:


Take the number of users that use search & then reduce that by 95%. I reckon that’s roughly the number of users who spot that, that’s an option. And the problem is, if there isn’t a dedicated topic to move the post to then once a user has posted the reply, there’s nothing (feasible) that you can do about it.

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I think the problem is, there will be the same bugs being reported, or the same questions being asked in the same thread, but as the threads are big, with lots of posts, people won’t read the previous comments.

Plus… an update from a Monzo staff member would be a good way to stop further posts about the same thing (reporting the same issue… asking for a fix etc), because everyone can see what Monzo said last.

Basically… It would be great if more posts mirrored @Jami’s from today, which gives everyone a good view of where Monzo are with it.


I guess the question is: does the team have time to do this?

If they have the time to read the posts, then a bullet point summary of them wouldn’t add much time. If they don’t read the posts, what’s really the point of the Community?

Do COps have the time if everyone decides to bug report it in app?

They have a dedicated team for that.

Who probably don’t need the extra work of people reporting things in app as they don’t know if they’ve been picked up on the forum or not.

If the aim is to reduce the amount of times people contact COps then make it clear on the forum what has been seen

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Would it be better to flesh out labs so that you can report feedback within the labs tab of the app? Maybe it goes to a specific email address. Monzo can then round these up and post updates like they have alongside ideas that have been posted in the feedback threads here.


I was surprised it wasn’t like that when labs was launched. This is the same principle for reporting feedback that we have on TestFlight

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