Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝


I don’t get why not. This is what happens with allmost all email clients now. Messages on iPhone gives you unified sms and instant message. Why not have a banking feed with all transactions and then the ability to drill down to individual accounts in the same way that email clients do.

It’s kinda a no brainier in my opinion and something that could set monzo aside

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I agree with @Feathers they’re separate accounts, one is personal to me so and the other is for us to share household bills. My partner doesn’t want to see all the shite I blow my money on and vice versa.

To address your email analogy, not even that is one massive feed. I have rules for folders so dependant on the sender it goes into the appropriate folder. If it was my partners transactions it would go in the spam folder :rofl:


Yeah… but you’ll see your partners transactions on your joint card anyway…

So why not just have one feed rather than the really bad UX of switching account.

(I’m not talking about seeing your partners current account here. That would just be odd as it doesn’t belong to you. But the joint one does!)

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I suppose I’d have to see some mockups before I made a proper decision but I do agree that the UX needs a fair bit of love. They’ve acknowledged this so hopefully it won’t be too long. For all we know they could have done this already and we will see it when JA is out of labs :slight_smile:


Did someone say mock ups? :wink:

The one in that post is slightly different (integrating other accounts into Monzo) but I don’t see why the concept doesn’t hold for two Monzo accounts…

(Not real and not Monzo authorised, obvs)

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Wow lol you’ve been busy! I guess we will have to wait and see what they come up with :nerd_face:


I’m sure they never would (hopefully), but +1 for never being able to see joint account transactions in my main feed.

2 accounts, 2 feeds.

Both accounts serve a different purpose, and the 2 taps it takes to switch, is better than having to wade through endless transactions, trying to work out whats what.

Appreciate people want different things, but that really isn’t for me.

Question for the folk out there.

With Joint Accounts coming out of Labs this month, what do you see changing?

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I’ve found Monzos mockup for switching accounts:

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Been using JA for a while now and it’s great for what I want it for but my partner is clueless when it comes to tech and it needs something more prominent in app to select it. I’m not fussed it being unified feed as I consider it to be separate account. I know more functionality is coming so won’t go into that now. So far so good!


All they need is a show all option in those mockups in addition and it would be great

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Just want to add that a unified feed is not the answer to the problem of switching account views. Even with a well presented UI it would be confusing.


I like the idea of a unified feed that shows transactions from my personal account and also the joint account.

Perhaps with an option of filtering to just one account or the other if necessary.

Also, we shouldn’t have to switch modes to see two different balances. There’s a lot of under-used screen real estate with the current design. Let’s cut down on unnecessary clicks, and present all the information we care about upfront.

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It looks like the accessible cards (weird phrase but you know what I mean :wink:) are almost here :smile:


Yes the iPhone email mail app gives you the option to have a unified inbox with all the emails from different accounts muddled together but I don’t use that as my accounts are separate for a reason and I prefer to see each account on their own.

It’s exactly the same with Monzo in that I have separate accounts that I want to view separately and not have all transactions all bunched together regardless of account.

I know this is just personal preference but for me I like it the way it is.

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To add to some other comments, a unified feed (unless optional) would be a step in the wrong direction IMO.

I use my personal account sparingly for things that need to be kept separate (and pots, for now :grinning:). I like the step in / step out approach to each account, my only desire would be that the process for doing that becomes a bit slicker (fewer taps or a more obvious switching button somewhere prominent).


I’m still at a loss to why they didn’t make the card a different colour… :upside_down_face:

If I sign up for a joint account, I can totally see myself using the wrong card in haste at the checkout. Having two distinct colours at the moment (Monzo + purple legacy bank) is really useful.

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Branding :slight_smile:

The label on the new cards should solve that :crossed_fingers:

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Temporary fix…! :joy:

(Joint Account cards are coming… the latest sample card was posted on Twitter this morning :grinning:)


Hello, was really excited to give this a go. Unfortunately I stumbled at step 1, my partner doesn’t have a Monzo account. I guess I expected this to work like our existing joint account, we don’t both need to have individual accounts to open a joint one.

Is this a short term thing or is it possible this restriction will be dropped. Hoping the latter as it would be more hassle than it is worth to set up a individual account for my partner then a JA, plus it means convincing my partner to switch otherwise it becomes a pointless individual account that makes things more complicated rather than less.



Personal view here, but I’m not sure I see this changing any time soon, I’m afraid.