Joint Accounts moving out of Labs

I feel like the experience since Joint Accounts moves out of labs has been pretty poor. We both received a notification that we could order the new card design, but it wasn’t made clear if you were ordering for both cards to be sent or just your own. The notification didn’t change once the cards were ordered to say they were on the way, and when they did arrive it wasn’t even remotely obvious how to activate them. I had to scroll through the forums to find a comment that explained how (and it’s totally unintuitive).

For how slick the Monzo experience generally is, I feel like this has been totally sub-standard, and it’s the second time it feels like something has been rushed out of Labs before being quite ready (the other being Summary), which is worrying. I thought the point of Labs was to iron out issues before general release?

User experience and ease of use are two of Monzo’s biggest advantages over legacy banks, so it would be a shame for this to continue to slip.


MasterCard have an outage adding new cards to Apple and google pay. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon :crossed_fingers:

Ah, thanks for that. I’ll remove that bit from the post.

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My wife and I signed up for a joint account after it came out of labs and were disappointed to receive identical cards to our current accounts. I was under the impression we were at the stage where new cards would say ‘joint’ on them

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Hi @aslater - issue identified around wrong cards arriving:


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