Joint accounts are now available for US customers! 🎉

Hey everyone :wave: We’re really excited to announce that joint accounts for US customers are here! This was one of the top-voted features on our public roadmap. :round_pushpin:

A joint account is an account you share with someone you know, separate from your personal account with its own account number and card. It works just like your personal account — you can make payments, sort money into Pots, and deposit your paycheck while keeping things separate from your personal finances. :moneybag:

To open a joint account, you both need to have personal Monzo US accounts.

  1. Go to the Home screen by tapping the Home icon in the menu bar
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top left of the screen
  3. Scroll down and tap “Open a joint account”
  4. Answer the questions and invite your account co-owner

Your account co-owner will then accept the invite in their app to continue with their part of the application.

Thank you to our amazing beta testers for helping us make this available for everyone! :heart:

There’s still a lot we can do with joint accounts, so we’re not done yet. Let us know what you think!


We fixed a bug where your personal Monzo card was showing up as a joint card in your digital wallet (Apple Pay / Google Pay). :bug: Both cards should be showing correctly now!

If you’re not seeing this update, try removing and re-adding your cards to your digital wallet.


Any news on different coloured colored joint account cards?


No real updates yet! We still have some finishing design touches. We’ll also need to work with our partners in the US for approval.

Not exactly sure what the timeline is on the British side of the pond, but you know our motto by now: :soon:


I honestly cannot imagine a company bungling a product launch more than Monzo US’s feeble attempt at rolling out joint accounts.

Just spent the last 2 weeks trying to sign up - the last “killer app” feature needed for my wife and I to finally ditch Bofa. Yet…between app bugs, verification bugs, phone number bugs, CARD issuing bugs…jeez I’ve lost count here…am finally told Monzo is no longer issuing joint accounts.

Been with Monzo since the Mondo days - but the crumbling state of the US portion of the app really for me is the final straw. I get that the US is not your focus anymore, but to pull the rug without any form of explanation or notice is too much.

Chime it is then I guess…

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Hey Geoffrey @uktexan :wave:

Sorry to hear you’ve had a less-than-stellar experience. I’m not sure where you heard that the US is not our focus or that we’re no longer issuing joint accounts anymore. Are you able to provide more info on where you heard this?

US customers can open joint accounts and we’re still very much focused on building Monzo in the US along with our customers. :us: You can check out our public roadmap here to see what we’re currently working on.

If you have an issue specifically with your account, you can chat with us in the app or email us at to keep your personal details secure. :lock:

Your customer support advised me of this

Edit: Added chat log for context. Again, this is pretty bad where you have one part of the business clearly not in sync with the other. Just very poor optics.

To save those who ask/wonder, I don’t have any black marks on my credit file (not even missed payments).

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If you have been with Monzo that long I wonder if they’ve confused you for (just) a UK customer. For reasons unexplained they are slow rolling joint accounts in the UK right now, but everything seemed to be full steam ahead in the US


I was thinking the same. Same email address used for both UK Mondo/Monzo and then for Monzo US?

The screenshot is very ‘UK’ negative Joint account application ending.


I’d say yes, except every time I’d write in to work around yet another app bug, I’d get a message where the chat agent was “transferring me” to US support.

I do think you guys are right, it has something to do with the fact that we have accounts in both countries. But their agents were adamant this had to do with the US side.

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How far does this prove the theory that having older, or more complicated UK accounts somehow means that joint accounts just don’t work?

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Pitching in the dark really. Totally depends on how they built their system. Is my UK account record on its own, or is it tied to a larger Monzo-wide record? If it’s the later, it does appear possible their horribly buggy US app is getting confused when trying to create the “joint” record.

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Thanks for the additional context, Geoffrey! I’ve asked our US support team to reach out to see if they’re able to look further into this for you. Based on what you’ve posted here, you should still be able to open a US joint account, though as you and others have suspected, there may be additional factors at play because you hold a dual UK/US account.


I’ve only just noticed that Monzo is available in the USA. We have a UK address and joint UK Monzo account, can we now have US accounts too? We’re US taxpayers.

I can’t see any option in the app to open an additional account.

We’re not offering any more UK/US accounts at the moment. You’d currently need to close your UK account to open a US account, and vice versa.

What happens if you try to open a US account when you have a UK account? My partner just got denied a Monzo US joint account. The denial message said something about credit scores and Cifas but we know those aren’t issues for her. Support said they weren’t allowed to say why but I wonder now if it’s because she has a UK one?

As above, close the UK account and try again for US. Can’t have both.


Hello again! We closed her UK account, and tried to open a new US one. We put her email address in and it instantly rejects her even before she can provide SSN or ID. How is it possible to reject someone based just on their email address?

Maybe the email address is associated with the U.K. account?

Someone at Monzo might be able to fix it.