Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝

(Richard Cook) #629

And here it is!

We’ll have some info to share on how you can get your hands on one of these (once we’ve double checked everything) shortly.

And it’s looking like joint accounts will be coming out of Labs shortly :eyes:


Hi Richard,

When this happens, will there be a “change log” so to speak, of what things will have changed from when it first entered Labs?


Any plans to fix the receipt issue where it just disappears after being added or it not being visible by the other account holder?

(Micky) #632

Do you know if this happened with other lab releases? I just assumed they would release the lab version to everyone

(Jack) #633

It would also be nice to have a list of functions you know are logged for improvement in the future (although development never really stops there’s always things to refine).

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #634

This didn’t happen with other releases, no. I assume Nick wants to know what has changed since Joint Account first entered Labs. I think it would be nice to know, but I won’t lose any sleep over not knowing. I can think of a few things that have changed off the top of my head though.

(Richard Cook) #635

In the blog post at launch, we’ll summarise the things we learnt from joint accounts launching in Monzo Labs first (spoiler: lots!), and what we plan to do in the future.

Stay tuned!

(Andy) #636

I’m looking forward to this! Sure joint accounts has been a great learning opportunity for you guys!

(Kelvin Papp) #637

Are you able to reveal whether or not CASS will be supported for Joint Accounts at launch?

(Philip Parkin) #638

Hi Michael.
This is exactly my problem, with the wife not being technically minded and having difficulty with the TV remote.I just wanted to be able to have her name on my existing account and I thought what could be simpler but obviously I was wrong.So I’m afraid my I’m stuck with HSBC for my joint account.What a shame this could not be simpler.

(Andy) #639

Both parties always need to go through anti money laundering checks (know your customer) for all banks - the easiest way to do this is to have both parties each sign up for an individual account and then do a very quick process to link the two parties together and agree account t&cs.

(Iain) #640

I did a partial switch (ie just DDs and SOs) on the joint account and it worked just fine.

(Kelvin Papp) #641

Yes, it has for several others too (albeit not officially supported) :+1:

The issue with joint accounts is that some banks (e.g. First Direct in my case) require additional information at the point the switch is requested - relating to the other account holder. The currrent CASS implementation at Monzo is based on the individual account model, so provides no way of obtaining or passing on that information to the third party :pensive: I’m hoping that will be addressed as part of the official JA launch once the labs period ends :grinning:

(Jack) #642

When my partner and I created our old NatWest joint account, we had to decide if both parties needed to authorise account changes, I wonder if because I said no the CASS would have worked?

Just a thought.


Just a cosmetics issue:

When pulling back from the left of the screen to close a detail page there is a black bar that appears at the top. Looks messy. It’s clearly the base layer but, it just needs tidying. :slight_smile:

(Andy) #644

Happens across all accounts. It’s the way Monzo tries to hide the top bar and stuff. It’s been raised in but reports but not sure if/when fix is due

(joekw) #645

Haven’t read this whole thread but has there been any mention of pots in the joint account?
I like to transfer my rent across to the joint account but would also like to ring fence it from regular joint spending.


More mentions than you could possibly imagine.

They’re working on it, shouldn’t be too long after it comes out of Labs

(Duncan) #647

When will it move from labs to being a feature in the main app? Seems pretty ready, apart from the “joint” cards (though pics of those from the manufacturer look pretty ready, too?)

(Andy) #648

Believe its coming out of labs in the very near future. This week is the last week of work on The Big List so likely various things coming this week.