Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝

(Is Santa here yet?) #589

Not that I’m aware of as I doubt it’s come up, pure hypothesising.

But you do need a sole account to have a joint account. That’s been explicitly stated as well as this may change in the future but there are no immediate plans.

(Oliver) #590

On the payment screen to move money between my account and joint I selected amount, confirmed with fingerprint and am greeted with the same screen.

The money transferred ok but it’s a bit misleading showing the same screen instead of going back to the main screen or an option to view joint account balance, or even a confirmation screen to show it’s been transferred and ask if you want to move more money or go back.

(Andy) #591

Hi @0lzi I’ve moved your post into the joint account feedback thread for Monzo to review.

(Harry Morton) #592

After me and my partner received our joint account cards I registered my card no problem then when my partner went to to register hers it produced and error reading “this card has already been registered”. I might be wrong but I believe as they are have different card numbers they are unique cards so should be able to register both, right? Has anybody else experienced this?

P.S. other than this I think the joint accounts work really well and I’m very pleased with it so cheers Monzo :relaxed:

(Jack) #593

I’d have thought they would need to be registered independently, you could be in a situation where once card is received an activated but the other lost in the post. Maybe worth speaking to in app support to confirm? :slight_smile:
Also I hope you don’t mind me moving your post here where the Joint Accounts chat is currently taking place.

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Thanks Jack, I will do that. No don’t worry, I apologise for posting in the wrong place!


We got our joint account cards over the weekend and activated them without a hitch.

I moved money from my personal Monzo account to the joint account. So far so good.

However, now it is not possible to move any money from the joint account, and the card associated with the joint account gives “Payment declined” when I use it.

Very concerning!

(Jack) #596

Best thing to do would be to contact in app support :slight_smile:

Not much we can do to help with that on the forum.

Although one thing to check would be that the card isn’t frozen


They’re looking into it now. Cheers :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Hansford) #598

When someone has both personal and joint accounts, it would be useful to see a summary for both accounts, regardless of which account they are currently viewing.

Now we have a joint account, that will be our account of choice, though some regular expenditure is still going out of my personal account. Consequently I have no real need day-to-day to view the summary of my personal account, but I still want to know if funds are getting low and it would be useful to see its current balance even from within my joint account summary.

(Andy) #599

Hi @Dangthrimble I’ve popped your post in to this thread as a few people have asked for this so keeping it all together helps Monzo assess demand


The issue has been fixed and everything is working as normal. :grin:


The Account page could be a lot more useful:

  • The big card graphic is nice but could be shrunk significantly to open up some more vertical space
  • Don’t rely on people discovering the account switcher. Show multiple (personal and joint) accounts on the same page, highlighting the one that is currently selected
  • There’s probably enough room to show a summary of up to three most-recently-used pots for each account too.

Something like this:


This. So much.

I can see how Monzo don’t want information overload but the account/pots screen is a massive waste of space. And I hate scrolling just to check on my pots. I hate having to scroll in general.

I also dislike how my total balance is a tiny number under the Account title. That make Monzo my Main Account and Apply for an Overdraft take up nearly 25% of the space.

(Kelvin Papp) #603

I took the plunge and tried to switch our JA using CASS after some feedback on here,

I’ll start this by saying that as per Monzo’s comments it’s not yet supported, you need to accept a number of warnings / messages telling you that it won’t work for JA’s etc, so you do this at your own risk. That said, several have reported that they have completed a JA switch without issue.

Long story short, it didn’t work for me with First Direct. I’ve attempted both full and partial switches without success. On all occasions the feedback note has indicated that the card number hasn’t been supplied correctly. I have provided my card details, although I’m going to hazard a guess that the process needs to be modified to support the provision of both cardholders details. Presumably not all banks require this, hence the success of others so far.

So, First Direct Joint Account switch is a no-go for now. I will be proceeding manually,


Joint Account Migration Strategy
(Andy) #604

It looks like not all banks require the validation of both PAN numbers before proceeding with the switch so this is good to know!

(Kelvin Papp) #605

I agree, disappointing from a personal perspective, but hopefully useful for others. I would expect this to apply to regular HSBC accounts too.

A manual switch shouldn’t be too bad, the main irritation will be no automatic forwarding from my old account - along with needing to leave £1,000 I there to avoid an account fee while I’m monitoring it over the next couple of months.


I don’t get the “switcher” thing at all. Why do I have to press a button to see my joint account transactions? Just show them all on the one feed!

It’s just Monzo being lazy. The whole app is in desperate need of spruce up. But they just keep bolting on features here there and everywhere and it’s starting to get really messy. The account switcher button just seems like a bodge


I kinda like how n26 does account switches. But I’d still want to see a unified feed page as well with joint and current account transactions on one page

Android - Account screen mockup
(MikeF) #608

A unified feed is the last thing I’d want to see. They’re different accounts for a reason.

It pointless in my case anyway since there’s no way I can talk my wife into signing up with a selfie video.