Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝

(Toby Toller) #569

The August monthly update seemed to suggest that Joint Accounts will leave labs this month - so presumably cards and CASS will be ready at this point.

Probably not Joint pots yet though.

(Jack) #570

I’m thinking a lot of work for joint pots and shared pots may be developed alongside each other as the requirements underneath may be similar?

(Mark) #571

Yeah I have a Monzo current account and want to switch everything over to my joint account as I want to use it as my primary account. Want to know if there is a seamless way of doing this.

(Tony) #572

Not to my knowledge. You would need to transfer any DDs etc manually.

(Mark) #573

Shame. You’d think they would have come up with a seamless option to do stuff like this as they are both Monzo accounts.


How many DD’s do you have?

I recently transferred 15 across manually, and it was actually very painless.

Took an hour or so, but I also managed to change all the dates as well!

(Dan Youster) #575

Could I suggest that when you categorise a transfer made to a joint account, that it is categorised as the same at the other end? Saves us having to categorise a transaction twice… eg if I send money to my joint account towards groceries, it should act as a credit towards our groceries within the joint account.

(Kelvin Papp) #576

Has anyone successfully used the partial switch service for a Joint Account as yet?

I initiated one last Thursday which was rejected on Friday due to not providing card details (I did). I re-attempted on Friday but haven’t had a response yet - just shows as pending.

Aware this isn’t officially supported, but given positive feedback from several on here it seemed OK to progress.

(Is Santa here yet?) #577

Think they’ve all been full switches. Partial switch is very unreliable and has no time scale for completion

(Is Santa here yet?) #578

You can switch sole account to joint but you can’t do joint to sole.

(Mark) #579

Yeah that’s probably what I’ll end up having to do. A lot of ringing around and waiting on hold…

(Nigel) #580

I did a partial switch. It took a few days but was then presented with a list of my direct debits to choose from. Have had no issues so far.

(Jack) #581

Interesting discussion here on the Starling forum.
Having a response from Monzo on how they’d deal with this would be good.


Do you read their forum as much as this one? Lol.

You should open an account!

(Jack) #583

Lol, I had one back in October last year. I preferred Monzo. Closed it via CASS for a signup incentive with First Direct :sunglasses:.

I haven’t joined their forum as I probably spend too much time on here and also I don’t have their product :man_shrugging:t3:

Oh and I’m on their blacklist for a year as you can’t re open an account within 12 months. Not that I’m planning to anyway.


There are certainly a huge amount of crossover discussions - Especially on generic banking issues.

It’s really interesting to get a view point from both sets of customers.

(Is Santa here yet?) #585

Interesting, haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere but it’s very much an edge case.

I’d imagine the options would be to ask you to move the money from the joint to close it. If you didn’t I suppose they could refund the money 50/50 into the sole accounts or freeze it like they do if there’s a dispute between both parties about funds on closing.

Would like to know the real answer though :thinking:


Maybe I’ve misunderstood your post - But the chap was asking about closing his personal account, after opening a joint with his wife.

I’m sure Monzo have said that isn’t possible?

(Is Santa here yet?) #587

Sorry, watching Green Lantern at the same time :yum:
The joint account would automatically close on receipt of CASS request was what I was inelegantly saying.

Biggest question is why not leave it open with nothing in it rather than closing it?


Haha! Ok, I see what you are saying :smiley:

Is that the policy for Monzo currently?