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(Richard Bairwell) #324

Very minor buglet: I had an active card check by Kickstarter and because of that my โ€œTodayโ€ display on the top right of Android shows โ€œToday ยฃxx.xx + $0.00โ€. I think if the value if 0.00, then it shouldnโ€™t show that currency (as Iโ€™ve also had 0.00 Euros spent today and 0 Yenโ€ฆ)

(Simon Heldreich ) #325

Iโ€™ve been using my card on the East Midlands trains website daily for months but this week I keep getting a system error message from them. I donโ€™t get the issue with my other cards though. Any possible reason?


The system error message says what?


Youโ€™ll probably get more useful answers if you speak to customer services.

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(Simon Heldreich ) #328

So, the site cycles through the verification process then dumps me back at the card details entry screen. Underneath the card details fields, in normal sized red text it says โ€œdue to a system error your payment was unsuccessfulโ€.
Iโ€™ve also this morning had issue with RingGo car parking website, again it cycles through verification then gives me a message saying โ€œpayment unsuccessful please review card detailsโ€. Iโ€™ve previously used both sites with no issue and havenโ€™t had a change of card or account.
The common factor is both sites use Verified by Visa or SecureCode and that seems to be declining the transaction. Several minutes after trying to use RingGo I got a notification through the Monzo App that the payment had been declined (3 times for the 3 failed attempts). Balance on the card is ยฃ240 so funds is not the issue. I also havenโ€™t had any issues using my card in stores or cash points.
Hopefully this is either temporary or fixable, I use the train website almost everyday for travel to work.

(Alex Sherwood) #329

Yes that would be the reason, the prepaid cards donโ€™t support 3DS, although the debit cards will.

Also bear in mind that Monzo is experiencing an outage at the moment so all card payments are failing. You can check for updates here -

(Simon Heldreich ) #330

Itโ€™s probably related to the outage, although itโ€™s been happening since Monday.
Also, as I mentioned Iโ€™ve used both sites, and Verified by Visa etc, since getting my card months ago and this is the first time there has been an issue. I find it hard to believe that itโ€™s the card after so long with no problems.

(Mike Brennan) #331

Dear Monzo,
Thank you for the awesome feedback today regarding the outage you experienced. I had a notification warning me to use a different card which was good to know. Turns out I forgot about this and went and used my card and it worked, you had already resolved the problem by this point according to another notification I had yet to noticeโ€ฆ :zzz:

Kudos :gift: to you guys for letting us know in a timely manner. Keep up the good work. :heart:

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(Wan Amirul) #333

Experiencing geotag problems - wonโ€™t display a countryโ€™s name in updated merchant address based outside the UK

Think of before update: Kuala Lumpur, 50470, Malaysia but after update: 116 X Street, Kuala Lumpur, 50470 without reference to Malaysia at all. Thatโ€™s difficult when making analysis based on country visited

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(Fernando Madruga) #335

Can no longer set a PIN or fingerprint authentication with Monzo Android. Got an error saying my login to monzo failed when opening the app and, after logging in again and using the magic link, even though I can now use the app again, I canโ€™t find a way to lock it!

This is very annoying as I donโ€™t like to have my banking apps just protected with my phoneโ€™s PIN!

BTW, you guys should really have these threads in reverse-chronological order! Usually the most recent articles are the more relevant, so having to always scroll to the bottom is not the best UX that you can give us.

Other than that, just keep the good work! I enjoy using my card, even if, from what Iโ€™ve read, a sub-par experience, app-wise, seeing that Iโ€™m on Android, you know, that platform with 85% of the smartphone users? Luckily, I do my balancing on an excel spreedsheet, so thatโ€™s not a big issue for me, as long as I can keep the app lockedโ€ฆ

(Colin Robinson) #336

Might be a Discourse thing? (Forum uses Discourse software)


My Monzo got declined in Boots. Attempted 3 times to pay, I had more than sufficient money pre-loaded on it, but to no avail.

(Hugh) #338


This may have been during a prepaid outage:

If not, I suggest you contact in app chat to see what reason the transaction was declined for :slight_smile:

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Ermโ€ฆ yes, it did happen precisely yesterday. I have now just read about the outage. Phew. :wink:
Thank you, Hugh.

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(Hugh) #340

No problem! Youโ€™ll be glad to hear these issues will be a thing of the past on the Current Account as it doesnโ€™t use the 3rd party supplier that keeps failing - everything is in house :smiley:


Indeed, letโ€™s hope all will work smoothly when kept within the Monzo family. :wink:
Have a good night! :slight_smile:

(Richard Bairwell) #342

Small couple of issues:

  • Platform: Current Account - App version 2.0.0-alpha3 on Android 7.1.1

  • Visibility issue:
    On some merchants, the back arrow โ€œappearsโ€ to be missing as itโ€™s extremely close to the background colour chosen for the merchant:
    [annoyingly, the screenshot shows the arrow clearer than it does on my phone]

  • Exchange rate issue
    Iโ€™m pretty sure the GBP to USD exchange rate ISNโ€™T ยฃ1=$0.00 as shown (if it is, Iโ€™d like to buy ยฃ2,000 worth of USD right now โ€ฆ)
    [this is an active card check for the above transaction, even though it isnโ€™t shown as such]


Iโ€™ve had a bug twice this week where thereโ€™s no back button when clicking on a notification in iOS. Iโ€™ve had to force close an app to go back into the feed.

Iโ€™ve raised it here: