Card declined reporting

(Alex Sherwood) #69

My bad, I didn’t read your first comment properly, please ignore my earlier advice.

Apparently 3D secure isn’t supported by Monzo. But as far as I know, Monzo’s not confirmed that so I’ll ask flag this post & hopefully we’ll find out :slight_smile:

Unable to Make Online Payment
(Ben Below) #70

Interesting - from my limited understanding, wouldn’t that mean that any retailer that uses 3DSecure would block all purchases with the Monzo app? That seems like a huge blocker to getting people to use Monzo as their primary bank.

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(Alex Sherwood) #71

I’m not 100% sure either but I assume so too.

Fortunately Monzo have said that they will be able to support 3D Secure once the current accounts launch though.

(Tommy Long) #72

When I last looked at it you could essentially set 3D Secure (as a retailer) to be forced On or Off or leave it as the card’s default. I imagine it’s only if it’s set to On that it might cause Monzo an issue.

(James Billingham) #73

That is true, however very few merchants will force the use of 3DS. Mostly if a card doesn’t support it, the merchant will just let the transaction through anyway - the drop in conversion costs more than the fraud.

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Unable to Make Online Payment
(Zainab Khan) #74

Sorry about the delay! One of those days where you draft but forget to send :see_no_evil:

Just to confirm, the prepaid card won’t work with 3DS but with the current accounts, this won’t be an issue.

@Scoobyben Hey Ben! It might be better to get in touch with our support team so we can look at the details and see what went wrong. Few merchants force 3DS, so there could be another reason for it being declined.

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MasterCard SecureCode / 3D Secure
Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞
What We Know About the Current Accounts & Debit Cards / FAQ :bank: :credit_card: (open Wiki)

Don’t know if reports are still handy
But declined contactless at marks and spencer self checkout. No message in app. Chip and pin worked fine :slight_smile:

(Adam Hockley) #76

Pay pumps dont work and you need submit on app not here


It wasn’t a pay pump. It was a food store.
I came through the app?


For people’s info, unable to use today on Harrogate and District bus via contactless (probably a limited audience for that)

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(Saminee Foster) #79

My card got declined today at coop (leicester) - I’ve tried both contactless and chip and pin. It worked fine earlier at the post office.

(Starling Guru) #80

Dunno if it has been mentioned but Wetherspoons order to table app declines transactions, don’t think it was the issues today as I used it before in a different pub, at the bar in the pub it declined and after in a diff pub so defo looks like it is the app.

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Not sure if already mentioned but my card has been declined in:

  • Superdrugs
  • Zipcars (do not accept prepaid credits cards)
  • Buying tickets online via ClubTickets

Is there a resolution to this? As I think I may stop using Monzo if it will be declined… :frowning_face:


It is a beta and it is prepaid. If you wait for the current account that will have a debit card rather than prepaid.

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The resolution will come with the current accounts where Monzo will no longer be considered like a prepaid card. In the meantime I don’t think anything will be done - even if they tried by the time they fix this the current accounts would be out so it would’ve been quite pointless.

(Starling Guru) #84

Oh Uber works again with my card

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(Dawid) #85

Got declined while trying to buy MetroCard in NYC, probably because you need to type postcode, but my UK postcode isn’t numeric, obviously!

It’s been few days and despite transactions were declined the money was still taken, transactions marked as pending and no refund. Anybody knows how long it might take?

(Adam) #86

money wasn’t taken, it was ‘ring fenced’… It should drop off after 5 days or so - or contact support if it hasn’t

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(Marta) #87

There was similar post not so long ago, Sarah explained that her colleague got it to work by using 00000 as zip code:

(Dawid) #88

Okay thanks, I will try to use the 00000 trick next time!

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