(Leon ) #1

Hey guys, does anyone else have issues with their Mondo card when using it on a Verifone contactless reader? I’ve been to two places with Verifone and both times my card has been declined.


(Rika Raybould) #2

Hmm, at what merchants are you seeing this and are you seeing any messages in the app or by notification?

There should be nothing wrong with Verifone terminals themselves, however some merchants who do decline Mondo contactless for whatever reason do use Verifone terminals.

(Leon ) #3

In my local supermarket called “The People’s Supermarket”. It’s been rejected several times, when I used tried to use contactless it says on the Verifone machine that it was not accepted. It also wasn’t accepted when I used chip & pin.

I forgot where the other establishment was, but after reading some of the community posts this could be an establishment issue rather than Verifone themselves?

(Rika Raybould) #4

It’ll be some kind of issue with the configuration between the merchant’s terminal or their payment processor. Especially if it isn’t even showing up in the app. This is generally a result of Mondo being an unknown prepaid card and is normally resolved through some kind of BIN/IIN (Bank/Issuer Identification Number) whitelisting.

If you can remember the other establishment, I’d recommend reporting both in the known issues thread. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can contact both merchants to try and see if they are willing to resolve the issue on their end.