US Known Issues and Bugs

Hey all,

We thought it would help to put together a thread for known issues and bugs, so you can check if anything weird you experience is already known, if a fix is on the way, and if there is a workaround.

This is the place for existing features not quite working as expected, rather than requests for new features. Those are best shared in other threads.

We’ll keep this thread pinned, and update the first post regularly as things change.

Thanks again for checking out Monzo in the US!

:credit_card: 7-Eleven aren’t accepting payments that use PINs
We’re still tracking down the cause of this issue. In the meantime, you can hit ‘Enter’ on the PIN pad without entering your PIN, and the payment successfully will go through as MasterCard’s credit network, which is chip&signature.

:1234: The apps tell you you can change your PIN at ATMs, but this is only possible with UK accounts
This is a localization fix we forgot to make. Right now it’s not possible to choose what your PIN is. We plan to allow you to choose your PIN during sign up, and change it in the app in future updates. For now, chat to us if your PIN needs changing for security reasons, and we’ll generate a new random PIN for you.

:abacus: Some transactions aren’t updating correctly, like cancelled or refunded payments
We’re not yet automatically processing all the different types of transactions that can happen on your card, this means you might see duplicate items for transactions that were cancelled and retried. f you have something that doesn’t seem to add up, chat to us in app and we’ll take a look.

:uk: The apps are still a bit too British
You’ll likely find some parts of the app that still use some British language, refer to British forms of ID, or mention features that aren’t yet available to US accounts. As we find these we’re fixing them up. Please let us know if you spot something!

The iOS app is putting ‘US’ before every $ sign.
This is another fun localization issue. We have a fix ready, which will be in a future app update.

:clock1: ‘Spent today’ resets at midnight in the UK, not midnight wherever you are
Timezones are a tricky thing. There are a few parts of Monzo’s systems that assume midnight is in UTC, we’ll work to make this more flexible to other timezones over time (sorry for the pun).

:couple: You might see contacts who only have UK accounts on your Payments tab, but P2P payments and requests won’t work
For now, Payments with friends are only possible between US accounts. We plan to enable payments between UK and US accounts in the future, but it’s not currently possible. However, if you have a friend with a UK account, they might sometimes appear on your payments tab.


I don’t know if this is the right venue or not, but I pinged support (and haven’t heard back in a few hours) to let them know that Google Pay is declining continually. I was trying to refill my Google Fi account. It’s unclear what name and ZIP should be used, maybe thats part of the problem?

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Hey Robbie! Thanks for letting us know, I’ll ping the US team.

Right now our US support cover is pretty scant (as we’re still building out both the team and the tooling!) but someone should be able to take a look pretty soon.

Another report, one bug, one weirdness and one good report with using the card. (I’m reporting this here because it’s bugs/weirdness that others will or have experience, as well as making Team Monzo aware).

I was buying an ice cream float tonight in Oakland.

The bug: I chose to pay via Apple Pay first. The payment terminal declined twice in a row. It was weird though, because my iPhone didn’t vibrate/buzz when it came close to the payment terminal but the payment terminal lit up anyway like it normally would and said “credit” during processing and then declined (unspecified reason).

The weirdness: I pulled out my Monzo card and insert it (chip) to the reader. I was not asked for my PIN (a little weird). I was asked however which EMV application to use, Debit Mastercard or Debit. Not knowing which one to pick, I just went with the default top option and it worked fine. I’ve never seen this with any other card (although I understand the concept of EMV apps as a payment tech nerd…)

The good report: I’ve used the card twice now in person and both times the cashier stopped and asked me what that card was and how much they loved the color. I’m excited to keep showing it off and be one of the cool kids :smile_cat:


It sounds like the Hot Coral is having the same impact it had in the UK. :slight_smile:


Do you have a user number in the profile section of your app?

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2,753,477 :slight_smile:

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Ah, that’s a shame, hoped they’d have started the US accounts at #1

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Should make that a feature request :eyes:


I am not sure it is 100% accurate to say as if it was swiped because credit transactions can and do go through chip&signature

The transaction is just going through MasterCard’s credit network which is chip&signature in the US rather than one of the interbank networks such as Mastro or Cirrus which are chip&pin

Though I do not know the current setup in Monzo’s back end, this is just coming from experience.

I see this all the time in the US. Usually it is not so blunt and you need to
hit “cancel” to run it through MasterCard this is because merchants want all transactions on debit cards to go through the interbank networks as the fees are capped, much lower than the credit rates.

I usually see the explicit option at gas pumps, but often in stores too.

@robbiet480 are you someone who usually spends on your CC? if so this might be why this is new to you.

If not did your legacy bank card have credit functionality? Not all do in the US. For some
time my mother’s could only be used through Pulse or Star. Now it also has a Visa logo for “credit” transactions.

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My legacy debit card (issued by Chase) for sure had credit capability too.

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Thanks, you are correct - I was trying to simplify things. Will update to make it more accurate.

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Makes total sense :slight_smile:

Can I really not open the US beta account as I have a UK Account? Gutting! What’s the time frame?

Not yet Robbie, the main thing we need to work out is how to allow an already open account to go through the US sign up process, whilst still keeping access to the UK account as the US application is processed - as our apps and sign up flow aren’t built with that use case in mind.

We don’t have a time frame currently, but we want to have this ready before whenever our next events are.