Still instant notification of payment when current account arrives


I have recently recently received my Monzo card, and so far really enjoying it to transfer my disposable income and use it as a spending card.

One of the main features I like is that the balance is instantly updated, so I know exactly how much I’ve spent. Especially handy after a few too many drinks on a night out and have to wait until Tuesday to find out how much I’ve spent with a normal bank!

Will this feature still be available on the current account when it is released? or just specific to the pre-paid card?

Also i’ve looked but had some trouble can someone link me to a thread where in the UK the Monzo prepaid card may get declined? (e.g. I’ve read somewhere pay at pump petrol and car parking card machines)


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The notifications will still be there with the current account :slight_smile:
I think the thread you’re looking for is this one, which then has links to more specific bug categories.

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