Unable to Add Monzo Card to PayPal Wallet


Is it supposed to be possible to add your monzo card to your PayPal wallet? Mine says “this card is not accepted”

Is it possible to pay into your PayPal account or to pay PayPal contacts through monzo?


Yeah, I’ve done so with mine.

I’d suggest contacting Monzo (via in app chat or email to help@monzo.com) and PayPal support. Monzo will probably answer sooner and be able to tell whether or not a request was received from PayPal. My guess will be that if you can’t see an active card check from them then it’s PayPal’s fault, but best check anyway.

Let us know how you get on too :slight_smile:

Cheers for the feedback,

Active card check comes through but nothing else works it won’t add it to that wallet

Hmm, stranger things. I’d still recommend chatting to both support parties as it’s definitely possible.

I’ve just bumped into same issue, mine was due to using my old address.

Check address is matched to monzo address. :pound::credit_card:


Just tried this and worked for me.


I just successfully added my Monzo card too, it’s even faster than other cards because the PP charge with the code appears within seconds!


I was able to add mine but I’ve got back up payment methods … You maybe need to have a normal Direct Debit or Debit Card as a secondary?

As it’s identified as a pre paid card, I think you need to have another back up debit card stored to add Monzo to your wallet.


I solved it by entering the card details rather than letting auto complete enter it for me… some secure pages don’t seem to allow that


I had the same problem adding a replacement Monzo card, having previously removed my regular debit card from my account. Re-adding it temporarily allowed me to add my replacement Monzo card successfully.

Can confirm that the above steps are good.

I added my debit card to PayPal. Gave it a few minutes. Then I entered my Monzo card MANUALLY instead of allowing Chrome to auto-complete. It added fine after that. I then confirm and complete the setup by entering the reference code that was attached to a £1 payment that PayPal made to my Monzo.

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I’m unable to add it as well. I put all the details, click save - and nothing happens

Card arrived today. Unable to add it to my PayPal account. Getting the same message as the OP: “this card is not accepted”.

The active card check comes through; the registered address is the same as the existing PayPal one; and I have a ‘normal’ Debit card attached to the account.

Any ideas?

Suggest contacting Monzo support - they may be able to tell you why the request was denied.

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I had this problem, I couldn’t link Monzo card as the only card on Paypal. Once I linked debit card, then Monzo - all went good. I’m totally guessing now, but I think Paypal doesn’t like ‘temporary’ cards being the only funding source, but once they get debit card, all works fine.

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Same problem. Just got my monzo card today. Activated it via the app, tried to buy something online, the payment failed, but the money has still been removed from my monzo account. Then tried adding it to Paypal ( I have another debit card on there), but no joy. I get the Paypal Active Card Check message in my monzo app, but adding it to paypal fails with the same message the guys here are getting. Not a great first day experience. Will be asking for my money back unless sorted asap.

Have you contacted the in-app support? They will be able to sort out the declined payment issue much more effectively than any advice we can give on the forum.


Quick update, I used the help feature in the app and within 20 mins, this is now all sorted :slight_smile: Big thanks to Chris in their support team who was very helpful! Very quick turnaround and defo the way to go if you have any trouble! Impressed with the customer service!


Has anyone tried sending a PayPal contact money using the Monzo card in their PayPal wallet? It says on the website that a fee of 32p applies but since Monzo normally absorbs ATM charges I wonder if they would do so in this case as well.