Card number 'invalid' on Paddy Power

So it’s the Grand National today; I decided to have a little flutter as you do. Thought I’d load my Paddy Power account using my Mondo card (first time using it online), but the number came up as ‘invalid’. Wondered whether anyone else has had this problem using their card online?

I think people have reported issues with William Hill’s online service accepting Mondo, but not Paddy Power. It’s possible the two are related. Some merchants block pre-paid cards (which is what Mondo is at the moment).

You can view the list of “known” issues here: Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞

Thanks for that! I’ll check out the list.

Prepaid cards should never work in betting shops or online

…why? Money is money. If you’ve authorized the amount you need on a prepaid card, it is no more risky than a normal card. (Probably less risky since prepaid cards are presumably harder to do chargebacks with.)

It is true that prepaid cards are problematic if you’re giving the user credit, but that’s fairly unusual.

Paddy Power does accept prepaid cards, but every number range requires “approval” before it can be used.

I reached out to them when I saw this post on Saturday and they’re going through the process to support Mondo, so it should be soon! :slight_smile:

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Their BIN/IIN database is not up to date.