Keep track of what you’re owed with Shared Tabs

(Jack) #62

I think that ability is still in the works



Any plan for non 50/50 splits? I would love to use this feature but currently this is a major limitation.


(Nathan) #64

Its possible to input the amounts for split.

Just tap on the amount and type how much one person owes and the other amounts will auto-adjust



Thanks for the answer, however this is not really what I’m looking for. I think one should be able to set a split ratio once and for all in the share tab.

For example, due to income differences let’s say we split things 35/65 with my partner. I want to be able add a bill to the share tab and that the split ratio is automatically applied.

This feels like something that would benefit for couples but also friends and family that have agreed of splitting things differently than 50/50.

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(Nathan) #66

Ahh i getcha!

Yeah can see the use ot that



This could be very useful when using Shared Tabs for bills, especially if adding future recurring payments automatically to a Shared Tabs becomes a feature.


(Ben Dixon) #68

For those who often travel abroad with friends, it would be a cool feature if you select some of your friends in your Monzo contacts to be a part of a “Travel friend group”.
That way for things like bill splitting, it could suggest splitting the bill with people in your travel friend group.


Bill splitting made simple 🎉
(Dan) #69

You might find Shared Tabs useful for this.

You can set one up in Payments->Shared, invite your travel buddies to it, and then anyone can add a transaction that should go towards the tab.

It then fairly splits/initiates bill splits on all transactions when you click settle :blush:


(Ben Dixon) #70

Ah okay, didn’t actually know about that.
Will have to git it a try. Thanks :smile:

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(Jack) #71

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your posts here to join an ongoing discussion on shared tabs :slight_smile:


(Glenn Lewis) #72

Used this over the last few days. Went to Dublin with two mates who are both on Monzo. Was so easy and quick to do. Really chuffed with this feature!

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(Martin Jones) #73

I have still not used the feature yet but was wondering how it exactly works.

My situation is I am getting married in Kos in October. I currently have a number of family members/friends sending me payments for their part of the holiday.

I have at the moment been using a hashtag ie #WPmum so i know exactly how much my mum has paid and been transferring her payments to a pot. This is the same for about 30 other people

I would like to set up a tab with her for the full balance she owes and each time she pays it will deduct from the amount she owes.

How does the screen appear for her and rather than sending a standing order does she pay direct to the tab.

It’ll be ideal if when she transfers any money the amount goes straight into a pot so its not in my main account, can this be done?



She pays direct to the tab. However, I don’t think you can add incoming payments or Monzo-to-Mknzo payments to a Shared Tab yet and it’s not possible to pay off part of the Shared Tab, so I don’t think this feature can work for this use case at the moment:

This cannot be done yet and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that Monzo is currently working in this feature.


(Martin Jones) #75

I take it you can settle the tabs then, say I pay £100 for something and the other person pays £50 and we agree to go 50/50, can you settle then so that it tells the other person to pay you £25




NB: I think you could add her repayments in as her giving you cash to make it work.


(Martin Jones) #77

How do you do this


(John) #78

Been using shared tabs this week, a few things I noticed that are potential bugs/improvements.

Too easy to swipe and delete an item which messes everything up and makes the tab irrelevant. I’ve had to start 3 different tabs for the one trip due to accidental deleting of things which have already been settled.

Unable to settle a tab or leave with an outstanding balance. I’ve had a few friends pay me cash so there’s no way to note this in the tab.

Apart from the above it’s a great feature and easy way to track things :+1:



You can add a manual payment (eg: cash) to a Shared Tab by doing the following:

Go into a Shared Tab ==> click “Add Bills” ==> click “Add custom bill”, which is located at the top of the transaction list.

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Is there any way to add people not on Monzo, like when splitting a transaction? Even if it also just results in a link being generated to send to them



Just noticed today the total cost of a transaction is added against/to to your monthly budget/spending.
Should the amount you are owed on the transaction be added to your spending, not the total transaction cost?