Bill splitting made simple 🎉

(Tom ) #133

Ah - yes that wasn’t clear.

In my example, the person actually only owed £1.20. The original bill was £2.40 which was rounded to £3.00.

(Nathan) #134

In that case yes I agree, the amount shown should be the amount owed to you not the amount paid for the transaction by you.


Feedback for the new Pending Bill Splits section in the Payments tab

  • The information given for received requests is great.

Requests sent

  • "Waiting for x payments" instead of “Waiting for payments”, where x is the number of pending requests for the transaction, would be a good way of showing how many people owe for a single transaction.

  • Ability to cancel sent Bill Splits is important now there is a dedicated section for them. Ability to edit sent Bill Splits would be extremely useful too.

  • It would be better if the amount next to the Bill Split was “+ < total amount of split still owed >”. Currently the amount shown next to the sent Bill Split is “+ < total amount of split transaction >”, which doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t split the entire cost of the transaction.
    (ie: Total transaction cost was £20. Transaction is split between two people: £10 with Person A and £5 with Person B. The amount next to the Bill Split would say £15. If Person A paid their split, the amount next to the Bill Split would say £5.)

Bill Splitting - Pending Request Inconsistencies
(charles ragg) #136

i love the idea to easy split bills but i hate the fact that friends outside of monzo have to use the link, they should be able to pay in what ever method they want, be it direct bank transfer, paypal or what ever and i should be able to mark off a portion of the bill as paid and link it to the transaction that paid that portion

love the idea, not keen on the implementation.

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(Paul) #137

How long does it take for the bill split details to appear in the Shared tab on the Payments screen?

(Daniel) #139

Yeah, now there is a dedicated section all the splits my girlfriend chose to ignore are are flairing up my OCD haha.

Ability to cancel a split would be great. This takes care of editing too as we can just re split it correctly if a mistake was made.

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(Josh) #140

Used bill split for first time in earnest this weekend. Someone paid me in cash so wanted to cancel the request via Monzo and found i couldn’t. Ability to cancel a request should be there IMO. I like to keep my Monzo super clean, not have requests hanging around that are no longer valid.

The bill for one thing was £100. They paid me £50 via monzo. It still goes down in my spending analysis / budget as £100 spent?


You can vote for that feature here:

(Josh) #142

What does my vote influence?


Check this out:

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(MikeF) #145

Personally, I’d have thought not.

If you were making the request yourself then I’d agree with you but wanting to edit someone else’s request seems like an undesirable thing to me. The way I’d expect that to work is that I talk to them and they sort their own request out.

(Nathan) #146

I agree with this.

Id expect to decline the request, message the person and have them send an amended request.

However ive noticed that once a split has been declined its actually not possibly to resend a split for the same transaction.

Hope this is due to be fixed

(Sean) #147

Sadly this was raised when the feature was in labs and was never changed. I’m hoping the imminent cancel feature allows the transaction to be re-split or added to a shared tab but I’m not holding my breathe.

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It would be good if we could add tag to payments so that it’s clear to see who paid, regardless of Monzo account (ie. If someone does a simple bank transfer).
Otherwise, when categorising items that are part of a set budget, it would be good if the balace could get updated (ie. Incoming money balancing the expenses), as a work around to my previous poit, if not feasible.
Lastly, it’d be useful to have the ability to amend “friend 1” etc to actual names, for tracking purposes.
Thanks for listening/reading :slight_smile:


The ability to add notes & tags to transfers (bank and Monzo-to-Monzo) is currently limited to Android. If this is what you’re talking about, you can vote for it here:

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(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #150

Love the bill split feature and have used it a lot. So pleased it now works better (not perfectly) with joint accounts :hugs:

Just a query, I sent two bill splits last week and the person hasn’t paid yet. Will monzo nag them about it and if so, how often?

(MikeF) #151

From all I’ve seen, I think that’s your job. I don’t believe the app provides render notifications or anything like that.

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #152

That’s a shame, would be great if it reminded someone about outstanding payments once a week or something until it’s either paid or declined.


In my experience with frequently splitting the bill with my partner before we started utilising the joint account for eating out…

… they should get a friendly reminder from the app after about a week.

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(MikeF) #154

Wow. Why has no one ever mentioned this before?!

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