Bill splitting made simple 🎉

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #119

Hi. Just tried to split the bill last night with a Joint Account purchase. However rather than the payment arriving in our joint account it was paid into my wife’s personal Monzo as she was the one who set up the link!! Is this expected? If so I do not believe bill splitting is fit for purpose for JA!

(Alexandru-Claudiu Antonica) #120

I had the same issue today and it was a bit confusing… Is this the proper behaviour of Bill Splitting feature ?

(Leonard) #121

With Bill Splitting can we have the ability to enter the price we’ve paid; it seems like you can only adjust the price of others and it’ll recalculate.

(Matt C) #122

Is it possible for payments that are sent from a bill split request to be nested under the transaction they are for?

(Paul) #123

All of my Monzo contacts have profile pictures but only one shows in the bill split list within the transaction. Small bug but my OCD is playing up.

Update. Is the payment meant to be updated once everyone’s paid me? Payees still say ‘requested’ even though I’ve received the money. Summary has updated correctly.

(Tim) #124

If they paid you through then the original transaction won’t update I’m afraid.

(Paul) #125

Hi Tim, one paid by the other two via their Monzo accounts. The two with Monzo accounts is still showing as requested.

(Paul) #126

My mum received this notification. She’s a Monzo customer, paid when my first notification was sent using Bill Split. Any ideas?

(Tim) #127

Did she pay you by accepting the Payment Request? Or did she manually send you a payment of the right amount?

(Paul) #128

That’s a very good point. She’s sure she accepted the payment request. My question then to try and ascertain is would Summary be updated i.e. credited if the payment was manually sent?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #129

Ooh reminders though :smiley:

(Max Morris) #130

Yeah, would love this as well, currently manually splitting bills 3:1 (MATH! :() with the mrs so a way to be able to split the bill by ratios or percentage would be great!

(Tom ) #131

This is now live in the new Testflight version on iOS. A really welcome addition!

A few notes:

  • It would be great to cancel split the bill requests
  • it would make more sense if the list was actual cost rather than round up cost
  • if a payment request is declined, it is automatically removed from the list. It would be good to be able to manually check these or acknowledge them so nothing is missed

(Nathan) #132

Excellent news.

Not sure what you mean by this? so in your example does the person owe you exactly £3? or another amount?

(Tom ) #133

Ah - yes that wasn’t clear.

In my example, the person actually only owed £1.20. The original bill was £2.40 which was rounded to £3.00.

(Nathan) #134

In that case yes I agree, the amount shown should be the amount owed to you not the amount paid for the transaction by you.


Feedback for the new Pending Bill Splits section in the Payments tab

  • The information given for received requests is great.

Requests sent

  • "Waiting for x payments" instead of “Waiting for payments”, where x is the number of pending requests for the transaction, would be a good way of showing how many people owe for a single transaction.

  • Ability to cancel sent Bill Splits is important now there is a dedicated section for them. Ability to edit sent Bill Splits would be extremely useful too.

  • It would be better if the amount next to the Bill Split was “+ < total amount of split still owed >”. Currently the amount shown next to the sent Bill Split is “+ < total amount of split transaction >”, which doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t split the entire cost of the transaction.
    (ie: Total transaction cost was £20. Transaction is split between two people: £10 with Person A and £5 with Person B. The amount next to the Bill Split would say £15. If Person A paid their split, the amount next to the Bill Split would say £5.)

Bill Splitting - Pending Request Inconsistencies
(charles ragg) #136

i love the idea to easy split bills but i hate the fact that friends outside of monzo have to use the link, they should be able to pay in what ever method they want, be it direct bank transfer, paypal or what ever and i should be able to mark off a portion of the bill as paid and link it to the transaction that paid that portion

love the idea, not keen on the implementation.

(Paul) #137

How long does it take for the bill split details to appear in the Shared tab on the Payments screen?

(Daniel) #139

Yeah, now there is a dedicated section all the splits my girlfriend chose to ignore are are flairing up my OCD haha.

Ability to cancel a split would be great. This takes care of editing too as we can just re split it correctly if a mistake was made.