Keep track of what you’re owed with Shared Tabs

(Harvey Allsop) #42

Really love the shared tabs idea, it’s been incredibly useful so far. One thing I find a bit irritating though is that it’s very easy to swipe away a transaction by accident, I’m not really sure what this achieves as it doesn’t remove it from what is owed but I can’t seem to get it back in the list in any way. Could anyone enlighten me on what this is for?

(Nathan) #43

Found another small bug unfortunately.
When clicking back on an existing tab the contents of the menu bottom bar does a weird jutter.

Latest ios app version on an 8 plus.

Have screen recording if anyone needs it for confirmation :blush:

(Joe) #44

I tried the shared tabs feature last night with 4 of us in (Although because it was 2 couple and we both have joint accounts it would have been more ideal to use those).

However it seems to be missing functionality, either that or I’m missing something. The night is over so I want us all to settle up, however I can’t seem to see a way of requesting the payments?

If I try to close the tab, it says people still need to settle. Have I got to remind them seperately to settle their split? Does it not have the feature that you can request for everyone to settle?

Also, is it not possible to modify the split of a transaction in the list without removing and re-adding?

Finally, it would be nice if you could choose overall % split of the whole tab. For example in our case we were out as 2 couples, it’s good that we can put food or drinks on any of the Monzo cards between the 4 of us but it would be nice if we could then choose 1 member from each couple to pay 50% and the other to pay 0% so it’s an even split between the couple’s. This would also be useful for like birthday parties etc where the person who’s birthday it is gets the night as a treat from the other people in the tab. They again could have 0% or a smaller % compared to everyone else.

(Daniel Edwards) #45

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, I had a read through the comments and can see various bugs but not this one.
I’ve got the round-up feature turned on, and it seems to only allow me to select the “rounded up” total of a transaction. I don’t want to split the “savings” with the other person, just the cost of the actual item, if that makes sense?

(Tim) #46

I think this is a little display bug: it shows the rounded up amount in the list you choose from, but once added to the Tab you should see the original amount. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Daniel Edwards) #47

So it is!!! Thanks god for eagle-eyed people like you :joy:

(connorianreilly) #48

I’m on the testflight version and used tabs for the first time this month to replace splitwise. The tab still seems to close on settling? Rather than remaining open for the next month.

Could this be because my friend who settled is on an older version of the app?

(Phil Chambers) #49

So when I had paid up in some of my tabs I chose to Leave the shared tab. This has caused the tab to disappear for my mates who are still on the tab (and not yet settled up). The tabs are also still present in my list of shared tabs, but when I click on them I get the following error and they crash:

Is there any way to fix this?

(Jasmine) #50

Love the idea! My flatmates and I tried using it for our bills, but it turned out badly. Didn’t look like the math was right, one person paid way more than needed and nothing added up. This was maybe due to 2 out of 3 of us not being able to settle the tab. Where that button should be, instead was a “send payment reminder” option. Maybe a bug? Hope Monzo will fix it soon! We’re always eager to make bills easier.

(Phil Chambers) #51


(Tim) #52

Hey, sorry about the delay! Would you be able to get in touch through the in-app support? They should be able to help you faster :slight_smile:

Without looking at your account, all I can think of is maybe updating your app would help?

(Valentina) #53

Hi all :wave:

I am using the Shared Tab and I do think it is very useful. :+1:

However, while using it, I noticed that deleting things on the list it is way too easy: you just need to swipe. :grimacing:

Most of the times I accidentally deleted something by scrolling down the list :disappointed_relieved: (and then I have to figure out what I have deleted :pensive:).

If I am not the only one that accidentally deletes lines on the shared tab, is it possible to show a confirmation message that ask to the user if really wants to delete the line? :blush:

Thank you very much in advance!


Also, I would like to ask if it is possible to customize the item categories in the shared tabs :grinning:
At the moment this option is not available :frowning_face:
Thank you!

(Jack) #54

hey @Azalea26, hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post to join the other feedback posts regarding this feature :slight_smile:

(Valentina) #55

No worries @Jackcrwhitney :slight_smile:


Thought I’d crosspost this from this thread on Shared Tabs vs Splitwise since it’s feedback on Shared Tabs:

The main features I think Shared Tabs need are the ability to:

  • Add outgoing bank transfers.

  • Add outgoing Monzo-to-Monzo transfers.

  • Add incoming bank transfers.

  • Add incoming Monzo-to-Monzo transfers.

  • View how you or others have split a transaction after it’s been added to a Tab.

  • Edit a transaction split that you have made on a Tab.

  • Add a new member to the Tab part way through.

  • Add communal notes to Tab transactions (eg: to remind people what a transaction was for).

  • Settle a Tab without closing.

  • Settle part of a Tab (but I guess if outgoing transfers could be added to Tabs, you could use that as a workaround).

  • Enter the amount you’ve paid instead of only being able to adjust what others have been paid.

There are a few other features which would be great to have, but not as important, like the ability to:

  • Ability to automatically add future recurring payments to a tab and to auto-split them.

  • Ability to view the transaction details for every transaction added to a Tab.

NB: quite a few of these features (eg: communal notes, amend split amount, split outgoing and incoming bank transfers) would be really useful for Bill Splitting too !

(Jack) #57

@tjvr I have a tab which has the message “settled on the 9th of December” but it also states I’m owed £44.12.
I have received this payment in my main feed but it does’t link back to the tab or show as part of the feed within the settled tab.

(Ned) #58

Totally agree with the idea of “communal notes”. Just created my first tab and the lack of notes is the first thing that jumped out at me.

It would be really helpful to be able to tap on a transaction from within the Shared Tab and see the usual transaction details (map/notes etc.) for further clarity.


What’s the best way of using this to pay off some of what someone’s owed? Say if I owe £100 but can only pay £50 this month and £50 next? Is it to send someone £50 and then add it to the shared tab?


I don’t think you can add Monzo-to-Monzo accounts yet, but you can add bank transfers (not sure if you can add a bank transfer made to another Monzo user though).

It would definitely be super useful to be able to settle part of a Shared Tab though.


Love this feature, but it has inadvertently made this bill-splitting test quite obvious…

Can we delete bill-splitting links yet (I know the Monzo user can decline, but what about the ‘Friend 2’ link)?