Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs ๐Ÿ“‘

(Timothy Roberts) #121

Couldnโ€™t see an option to customise what a person owes you. For example, ยฃ20 Morrisons shop. My friend may only me ยฃ3. Seems to default to splitting the bill. Also, is there an option to export and send to non Monzo users? In the format of a casual invoice (pdf) for example. Love the initial idea and think it can be a great feature. Few tweaks needed though.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

(Sean) #122

So glad youโ€™ll definitely ship non-Monzo payments :grin:

In seriousness Iโ€™m excited about these changes; itโ€™s going to round the feature off very nicely in a way that I donโ€™t feel has been finished with bill splitting yet. Personally I bill-split with the same people regularly so this is a big win.

(Tim) #123

Thatโ€™s definitely not what I said :stuck_out_tongue:

(connorianreilly) #124

Shared tabs are replacing splitwise for my flat share this month :hugs:

Understanding more pressing features are being worked on, the ability to automatically add certain bills (like council tax, bulb etc) to a shared tab would be very useful!

(Nathan) #125

This would be excellent!

(Nathan Voller) #126

Any answer on this one @tjvr ?

Also, how does it work with categories/budgeting? Does what I settle up in a tab count against my category spending? And if so, does it take the category from the transaction ownerโ€™s category - which might not be how I want to categorise it.

Keep track of what youโ€™re owed with Shared Tabs

Iโ€™m a little confused about the difference between the above image and shared tabs :confused:


Bill Splitting is for one transaction between multiple people.

Shared tabs is for multiple transactions from multiple people.


Makes sense, thanks!

(connorianreilly) #130

Ability to unevenly split a tab transaction and add a transaction to a tab from the transaction details screen. :eyes:

Edit: added to testflight โ€ฆ

(Sean) #131

The ability to add to tabs from transactions is excellent! :partying_face:

(James Walker) #132

The ability to add non Monzo transactions would be amazing.

(Nathan) #133

This x100

Be a big step for me of having monzo not just as a banking app but a key money management tool.


Having trouble hereโ€ฆ just activated it to try it out with a restaurant bill etc, but it isnโ€™t working for me. Presented with the following broken link:

(Martin Hickman) #135

I personally find it annoying that when the other person pays it just shows that they paid a lump sum rather than it showing they paid for the individual items like when you split a bill. The rest is a great idea but needs to be more joined up.

(Paul) #137

Iโ€™ve yet to settle a tab, but was wondering if the money paid back into my account would then adjust the Summary spending to compensate?

(Jack) #138

Nice addition would be the option to add a transaction to a tab via 3D touching the notification. Similar to the way you can flag as expenses.

(Jack) #140

I also love it, but it seems they certainly are. Itโ€™s been replaced with haptic touch on the XR which is basically a long press rather than a harder press.

(Charlie) #141

Yes but they are replacing it with haptic touch which is just holding down longer rather than pressing down harder. So the menu would still be a thing๐Ÿ˜Š


I agree with this completely