Issues with Halifax mortgages

Hello! I’ve today had to speak to Halifax and Monzo as Monzo are predicting my mortgage payment will be taken twice. Apparently it’s a known high priority issue today but how can we track something like this to ensure we don’t get charged twice? Halifax said they’ve had multiple calls today only effecting Monzo customers?


Monzo predicting it is one thing, Halifax taking it twice is another.

If you’ve spoken to Halifax and they’ve said that they’re not asking for a double payment I’m sure you’ll be fine. Monzo only pay what is requested of them.

You can’t really until after the fact. Perhaps move your balance into a pot leaving only the amount needed for the direct debit to stop them taking more than they should?

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If it were to happen, due to the bank processing it twice, you would be able to approach the bank and have the excess money returned to you under the direct debit guarantee

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Thanks for the responses. Hard to understand between the two. Monzo advised that it has been asked for twice and will go twice unless stop the DD which I don’t want to do as we’d have to reset it up. Halifax advised that they know about it and will rectify if it does go twice. Trouble is, I can’t seem to stop it myself, relying on Halifax and Monzo to sort the problem and hoping it’s fixed before they take more money than they should from my account :grimacing:

Looks like I’ve got to trust for a fix


I’ve got the same. With Halifax and also another vendor. 2 identical debits are showing in the top, predicted section as being taken on the same day, for each of the 2 ‘repeated’ vendors.

Also, my 1p Savings challenge didn’t trigger today.

And why are the upcoming transactions showing as split between ‘3 days from now’ and ‘4 days from now’ - why 4 days? There’s nothing special about Monday in the banking world that I’m aware of?

Someone’s clock seems very upset.


I have very often have my direct debit sown for the Tuesday on a Friday afternoon but none of mine for Monday or Tuesday are shown as being taken twice so must just be Halifax that’s it’s happening too

This is probably because Monzo tells you about the direct debits days in advance.

From reading your other posts this sounds like a Halifax issue. Monzo will only give them what is asked for.

The night before the DD goes, put enough in a pot for the DD, point the direct debit towards that and then empty your main account into a different pot. This will mean it can only be taken once.

Or do what I suggested:

If you have an overdraft and it turns out to be a Monzo issue, I’m sure they’ll refund any charges incurred.

I thought of doing the same. but with multiple, legitimate other debits on the same day, it’s impossible.

This could be one big :train::boom: if it doesn’t smooth itself out.

That’s a good point!

Could you let them all decline and then use the “retry” button on all the ones you’d like to go out?

That’s a good idea if it comes to it. I’d rather avoid it happening though. The ‘glitches’ I’ve experienced today all seem weird. I’ll report the issues to Monzo and to the vendors involved too, just so it’s on record I warned in advance.

Mortgage pot - enough to cover
Bills pot - enough to cover
Main account moved to “YOU CANT HAVE ALL MY MONEY” pot



Or if you paid all the others from a pot and just left the Halifax one from the main balance.

Dammit, what he said :point_up_2: :laughing:

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You’d still get the declined/retry workflow doing that.

And Joint account, so no overdraft safety net either.

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I’m having flashbacks to my £9,000 direct debit.

Monzo said that at the end of the day if it wiped out my balance they wouldn’t leave me struggling with no money. I’m sure that if the worst happens they’ll do their best to help the OP.

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My IFFT has not gone through for savings penny challenge today either. Though fortunately my car tax in few days only shows once.

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I’ve got this too for my BT bill. AFAIK this only shows up when there’s a bank holiday no?

No, it has always shown Tuesday DDs on a Friday for me.

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Contacted both Monzo and Halifax.

Monzo aware of Halifax double-D/D issues and recommended contacting Halifax. They are also investigating the reports. As for the 1p savings challenge, they’ve asked for IFTTT data which I’ve provided.

Halifax aware of growing reports of customers using Monzo having a duplicated D/D showing in the upcoming transactions. Halifax data (in my case) shows only 1 D/D due on that day, so Halifax won’t be taking 2 payments. But they are investigating on their side too, because of the number of reports.

Both communications (Monzo-chat, Halifax-phone) were near-instant.

I’m glad I noticed this thread. Mines also showing double payment due to be taken.

It’s been a nightmare week having to deal with utility companies, let’s hope it goes smoother than my (now about 15) conversations with virgin media :crazy_face:

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