Issue with self service petrol station

I have seen similar issues to this on the forum on a search but no this exact one so let me know if it should be merged or anything.

So it comes in two parts and is about the self service petrol stations most common at tescos

  1. My card gets rejected as there is not enough in my main account (I blieve £99 min) (I have a seperate pot for petrol and use IFTTT) Is there anyway for it to check the pot before it is declined.

  2. The transaction is incorrectly labelled as grocery rather than transport.
    (I know I can manually change it but would rather not have to do this everytime)

  1. No. IFTTT only happens after the transaction is complete and it can’t check balances of pots (or anything else, I think).

  2. Probably not much can be done but it depends where you’re spending.

  1. I did think that was going to be the case, was just curious

  2. It is a tescos pay at pump

I thought they’d resolved the pay-at-pump categorisations for the main chains of supermarkets. That one surprises me.

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I have transactions from as recent as last week where this is still happening, do you know when it was supposedly fixed?

I do obviously only fill up at the same one so potential it is an odd exception more than a trend?

Discussed here (so apparently fixed in October):

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That was the post I was looking for.

It appears to have been sorted out about 6 weeks ago so should be working now. Whether @tjvr has any further information that would help, I don’t know.

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Potential a Tescos error in setting up this particularly Pay at Pump potentially they used the wrong MCC. I think I will see if it happens next time I fill up and if it does will flag it in the app to support

Thank you for the help guys!


I really wish they’d fix the using last category when buying fuel from supermarket fuel stations, constantly switching between Groceries and fuel.

:hamburger: no I’ve just filled up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:hamburger: > :fuelpump:

:fuelpump: no I’ve just bought food :expressionless:

:fuelpump: > :hamburger:

Repeat 20 times a month… :tired_face:

Even more annoying is Starling has been working correctly for over a year now.

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I am glad I am not alone in thsi issue still persisting

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