Anyone good at IFTTT filters here?


I love the pot feature and would love it that certain payments (and/or categories come straight out of the pot), but until this is a feature I thought IFTTT would work.

The idea is, when all payments of the category ‘Transport’ get made then IFTTT pulls that amount of money from the pot and in my balance and therefore I can easily see how much Fuel money I got left for that month.

(I currently got it made so start of each month I get given £100 fuel, and £140 bills etc so would be nice to keep them in a separate pot where I can touch or less it’s at those shops which sell i.e fuel

I’m willing to pay for this help if needed, PM me :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:


This thread is for support

And this one is to share creations

You’ll likely find a wizz on one of those :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the applet is already made - If you sign up for IFTTT - I haven’t used it myself but see below -



Woah! thank you for that! I use IFTTT on mobile and have to keep scrolling to see all of the applets, I must of got bored before seeing that ahah

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Good comms Ian. :grinning:


Just gave it a shot, sadly didn’t work

In what way did it not work?

I haven’t used the applet but I assume that you have to set the transport company in the ingredients?

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Can you screenshot your applet?

I switched the applet on this morning , allowed IFTTT notifications on my phone before going to put petrol in at Sainsburys - paid at cashier desk, not at pump and for me it worked as expected.
couple of silly questions -

  • have you managed to run any other applets successfully ?
  • you have linked IFTTT to your Monzo account ?
  • you have “saved” the transport applet ?
  • your fuel is categorised as “Transport” ?
  • you have a pot with suficient money in it to cover the bill, that is nominated in the Transport applet for where to take money from ?

IMG_3364 IMG_3365 IMG_3366IMG_3367

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Thanks guys was just a problem my end haha!

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