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Hey everyone,

I have a IFTT trigger that whenever I spend at groceries category it comes out of my grocery pot but when I go to Tesco petrol station and fill up petrol it auto assigns it as grocery and comes out the pot as they use the same merchant name as the store

Is there anyway I can prevent this or am I stuck and remove the trigger?

You can change the category of the transaction to transport and that should stay for future transactions.

Bear in mind that you may have to change each time you use a new pump and the same station , if you use pay at pump.

If you scroll down on the transaction it should have a name slightly greyed out which you’ll see is different to the in-store payments so that’s how it differentiates them.

It will, until the next transaction is for groceries. It just does the same as the last one.

I have the same issue, my way around it is to have a fuel & food pot.

Don’t the fuel stations have a different name ?

I haven’t filled up in Tesco recently, but stores say at the bottom of the transaction screen “Tesco store **** GBR” and pumps say “Tesco pay at pumps **** GBR”

So after the 1st time you change it you shouldn’t need to change it again.

They do have different names but I’ve never reliably got it to stick to each one. It always just uses the last category that I set.

I haven’t cared or changed them for about 8 months though, so maybe it’s got smarter.

For context, I’ve only ever got a different merchant string for Pay@Pump, don’t know how relevant that is

This doesn’t happen with morrisons supermarket and Morrisons petrol.

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Maybe that’s it, I never use pay@pump because it messes with round-ups/pots etc.

I have just filled up at my local Sainsbury’s using PAP and it’s gone through as SAINSBURYS CAFE !! :man_shrugging:

No hope there then :rofl:

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Works fine for me at Tesco, didn’t always but something must have changed as I used to manually change the categories each time, then one day they just started sticking.

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