Issue with Co-op Bank ATM

I’ve been using the card for just over two weeks now and I’m really impressed - especially when I went to my local burrito place and Mondo classified it and had the logo already input .
It’s really made me consider how much I’m spending and where.

I have come across one small issue though. I’ve tried using my card in two different Co-op Bank ATMs and I get the error ‘This card is NOT recognised’. Has anyone else come across this? I did a search and noticed people had issues with the ‘Cash Zone’ points that Co-op Food use, but this was a Co-op Bank branded/software ATM. I tried two different ones and got the same error twice.

Apologies if this isn’t in the right area. I didn’t put it in Bug Reports as it doesn’t feel like an issue with the app itself.

I tried and failed to change my Travelex Supercard pin number in a Co-op machine on Saturday. I think the issue may be with Wirecard and Co-op not Monzo and the Co-op…

That’s interesting! I thought it might be an issue with the ATM as it’s worked fine in others :slight_smile:.

Starling have had problems with Cashzone too and are currently in touch with them trying to iron them out. Suspicions are that they use a BIN database and when they update it problems will be resolved. We wait to see.

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I changed my PIN at the CashZone ATM no problem in my local Co-op convenience store this morning.

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