Card not working at ATM

Has anyone had this problem? My wife’s Monzo card works in shops (contactless and chip + PIN) but does not work at any ATM (My Monzo card works at all of these ATMs). The ATM states “card not valid at this machine” or “card not accepted”. Monzo support have sent a total of 4 new cards but none work. A total of eleven people from the support team have been working on this for weeks and getting nowhere. Have you had this problem resolved?

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Is there any difference between yours and hers, for example metal or monzo plus card, joint account card?

There’s not much I can do with this information but I’m curious, were any of the four cards from the same manufacturer as yours? At the back of the card there should be the manufacturer’s name in small such as Gemalto or Tag systems .


Are they different brands/bank machines? Have you tried hers and yours in succession?


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If multiple replacement cards haven’t worked, it’ll be a setting in your wife’s app that may be causing it - what does it show in the ATM Allowance section of your wife’s app → select the correct account (Personal/Joint) → tap on ‘Manage’ → scroll down the the ‘ATM’ section and see what it says in the ‘ATM allowance’ display, when compared to yours. Also, if ‘Magstripe ATMs’ is enabled, it could be worth disabling it and retrying at an ATM.


Thanks, Monzo sent another new card and it works. Looks like card faults. Monzo investigating.


My card has stopped working in machines and chip and pin who do I contact

Message Monzo in app