Monzo Card Not Recognised

Just checked in to the Westin Hotel in Frankfurt, and when I tried to use Monzo for the pre-authorisation, it said “Card not recognised”.

Any ideas why? Seems to work fine in Germany otherwise, and at other hotels before this.

Do they accept Mastercard?

I had a couple of problems in Netherlands because the merchants didn’t accept mastercard.


Yeah they accept it, they even seemed surprised about it.

Used my Amex in the end, but still odd.

Did you get a message on your feed when it failed?

No. The machine just said “Authorising” then “Card not recognised”. I never entered my PIN.

Card acquirer not updating BIN numbers maybe?


Do you have any receipt for the decline ? Or at least the receipt from the successful transaction so we can know which terminal & acquirer bank it is? If so might be worth blanking out sensitive data and posting it here or on the merchant acceptance thread and see if Monzo can get in touch with that acquirer.

Literally nothing was issued. The machine rejected the card before any transaction data went through.

I had exactly the some problem at the Sheraton in Stockholm.