Card not recognised

Trying to take money out at a Co-op ATM. Luckily I’ve got another card on me that was accepted but if Monzo wants to take it seriously this really has to stop.

Hey Danny,

Card not recognised isn’t an error that we often see. Is it possible your card is damaged? Have other Chip & PIN payments worked recently? Was your other card that worked also a Mastercard, or was it Visa?

Sorry about this! If you can provide some details it would certainly help us figure out what went wrong.

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Hi Simon - can’t say for sure the last time I used chip and pin, but I’ll try to figure out from my feed. My first direct visa worked fine in the same ATM. I’ve got a video, I’ll send the link to support.

Looked into it - some Co-Op ATMs aren’t connected to the Mastercard network, which is what happened here.


This has been noted elsewhere, certain co-op ATMs only work with LINK cards. Here’s the thread if you’re interested in further detail:


Most co-op shops around the country with ATMs will accept MasterCard, but the ATMs at Co-operative BANK branches (and one or two other places, especially in Manchester including the Arndale) have Bank ATMs that accept only Visa and Link. Usually, the ATMs at the shops are no longer ones supplied by the Bank.

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I was a Co-Op bank customer about 15 years ago and one of the things that made me move from them was this stupid Visa/Link thing. I know the “Co-Op” tries to thrive on tradition but there’s no reason in 2018 for these things to still happen.