ATM doesn't recognize my PIN

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Got my new current account card, have been to two ATMs to try and change the PIN that monzo give you. Tried 4 times in both ATMs and it says it’s the wrong pin. Then tried to buy something inside tesco and the original PIN worked??

Have messaged monzo via chat but they’re only available Monday to Friday at the moment

I’m Baffled!

(Drew sanders) #2

Is the ATM online? If it uses magstripe then it won’t work. Only an idea?


Was it pin not recognised or card not recognised? When I tried to change the pin co op bank at angel said card not recognised, then co op bank at Caledonian Road let me change the pin, so it may just be an issue with some machines.

Glad you’ve reported it so they can squash the bugs.

(Rob) #4

PIN not recognized at both machines. Then went into the same shop and bought something via card machine and the pin worked! Strange

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Is it at a co-op bank or supermarket? Only reason I ask is the shops use cash zone. As it’s not a bank I couldn’t change a pin with a legacy bank previously.

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First one was co-op/Texaco garage. Second was a tesco superstore, will try find another proper bank ATM and try that, but still, don’t see why that would make a difference to it thinking I had an incorrect PIN?

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Just tried Lloyds Bank, still no joy!

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Have you tried in app support. I know it’s m-f 9-5 but they come back quicker than 9am tomorrow.

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Have done, will let you know what they say

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All sorted, PIN was blocked so they unblocked it for me and got my PIN changed at a co-op :+1:t3:

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