Is Monzo a robber? Leave my money in Monzo and not transfer it to me!


I have some money in my monzo account. In Oct, Monzo closed my account. So I want to transfer my money out.

I filled in a UK bank account in their app and waited Monzo to transfer my money out. According to their statement, it usually takes 2-4 weeks. But after seven weeks, my transfer is still being processed.

I asked the staff of Monzo and they all said I have to wait, and they couldn’t tell me when the money can be transferred out.

Then, I sent emails to Monzo’s complaints department and I hope they can help me see why the transfer is still being processed. The person in the complaint department replied to me that they will not change the decision to close my account.

This is too ridiculous! The people at Monzo didn’t even understand my complaint.The final response they gave had nothing to do with my complaint.

I can accept monzo to close my account. But I can’t accept Monzo’s delay in helping me transfer the money out.

The communication process between Monzo and I was extremely difficult. Their staff is like a decoration, useless! That is my money, do they plan to keep my money in the Monzo system forever?

Is Monzo a robber?

What should I do? I send complaints to Monzo every day! But no one helped me solve the problem! So helpless!

You will just have to contact them and complain, nothing else we can help you with to be fair.

And no they’re not robbing you

I complained to them. Communicate with them in the app every day. However, they did not give me any help. They didn’t even have the patience to understand what my complaint was. If they knew what I needed, they would not give a final response that had nothing to do with my complaint.

The more pertinent question perhaps is ‘Are you a money launderer?’ or ‘Are these funds the proceeds from crime?’.

Once Monzo has a definitive answer, you’ll have your money.

Another day, another report of a closed account.


To be fair I can’t understand what your complaint is. Anyways there’s nothing else that we can do, you’ll have to keep on trying to communicate with them.

My complaint is that I need to get back the money in my monzo account quickly! After Monzo closed my account, they asked me to fill in a bank account in the app and told me that my money will be transfer to this bank account in 2-4 weeks. But it has been seven weeks. The money is still in Monzo and has not been transferred out.

As I’ve said already nothing anyone here can help you with, you’ll have to keep trying to communicate with them. The forum isn’t for that

The money in the account is my legal income. If they think there is a problem with the money, they can contact me. I can provide all kinds of evidence. However, they just told me to keep waiting.

Do you understand my complaint?

I don’t need to.

Nothing anyone can help you with here, keep on trying to communicate with Monzo. Read the blog posts about why they close accounts. If you feel you’ve been wronged so badly complain to the regulator.

Your post will be locked at some point when it’s seen as account closures aren’t up for discussion on this forum usually.

P.s I’m done and muting the thread so I don’t get any more replies, have a good evening


I’ve often wondered about this. With Monzo everyone seems to report the same thing where the accounts were simply closed.

As someone who’s shifting large amounts around on a semi-regular basis I’ve had my Starling account frozen (unfrozen 30 minutes later after providing what they asked) and several requests for more information.

I’ve not really heard of a single instance where Monzo have actually asked someone for clarification regarding funds. A bit worrying indeed.

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Monzo never asked me about the funds in the account. They just told me that my account was closed and I need to give them a bank account so that they can help me transfer my money out.

However, this transfer process is too long. They said it would only take 2-4 weeks. However, it has been 7 weeks now. My money is still in Monzo!

I just want to transfer the money from my account out. I said, I can accept monzo to close my account. This is their right. However, I can also ask them to help me transfer the money in my account out as soon as possible. This is my money. I need money in my life.

This must be awful for you. It’s akin to how the victims of push payment fraud must feel after their accounts are emptied.


Yes. I feel helpless. I just want to get my money back.

The process is, lodge an official complaint with Monzo, if you don’t like their response to that or after 8 weeks then lodge a claim with the Financial Ombudsman.

I think they misunderstood my complaint and gave the wrong reply. Can I let them give me a new final response?

No. They’ve given you your response.

They say 2-4 weeks because the situation is out of their hands and that’s when they expect to be able to give you the money.

Your account wasn’t closed for “no reason”, Monzo is not a “robber” and all you can do is wait.

At this point your only option is to complain to the financial ombudsman.

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Thanks for your reply. Because I can’t get the money, I am really upset.

The Monzo staff also said, let me continue to wait. But I am worried that I may need to wait too much time to get my money back.

I need to use money. This matter has seriously disturbed my life.

I really hope that Monzo can improve efficiency and give me the money as soon as possible.

Read the article that was posted earlier. It’s not just Monzo involved in the investigation which is why they can’t be precise with timescales.

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